Friday, 26 September 2014

Victory At The Robinski Collective Farm

Jon arranged a 600pt Battle Group Kursk game recently for Dave and myself at Stafford Games, unfortunately Dave could not make it due to a swollen foot so Jon took command of the German force while I took command of the Soviet force. I did not keep note of a blow by blow account so will let the pictures tell the story, except to note a couple of highlights or low lights depending which side you were on ;) About midway through the encounter the Soviets had become a tad bogged down and really needed a good order dice score, what did I throw? Yes, two bloody ones, never mind I had a senior officer so I rerolled, yes another one! This however was the high water mark of my poor run on the dice and from then on had the Germans on the back foot in the main, taking the crossroads and converging on the second objective, the Robinski Collective Farm, however the Germans saw their chance to try and turn the tide, the Soviet right flank was in the air a little so they advanced their PzIV that had been skulking in cover, not knowing that the Soviets had pulled a mine strike chit, KABOOM! Although nearing their BR total the Germans had no choice to pull a chit to rally the vast number of pins they had, this saw them exceed their BR and concede the field to the victorious Soviets. A close and hard fought game none the less. Figures and vehicles are all from Jon's collection together with some of the terrain the rest provided by Roland.
Table Overview
The Germans Await
The Robinski Collective Farm
Soviets Mass For The Attack
They Roll Across The Steppe
First Blood To The Fascists
The Soviets Reply In Kind
Soviets Converge On The Collective
German A/T Gun Fires In Vain

The Victorious Soviets Takes The Field




  1. Excellent looking game! Glad you both had fun! Sorry to have missed you!

    1. Pity that you could not make it, even though WWII isn't your thing you would have enjoyed it.

  2. Looks like a good game - I need to try some Eastern Front BG, and escape my Normandy fixation.

    1. It certainly was, not had a bad one BG. You definateley should, it's a whole different challenge.