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Saturday 29 June 2019

Age Of Arthur Additions

The latest base to make my units up to four bases, figures are Footsore with LBMS shield transfers.
The Additional Base

The Unit
Tootling up to Penrith from Carnforth for Phoenix in the morrow.


Wednesday 26 June 2019

Have You Ever.....

Visited a town or village and seen a random building and not know what it is or was used for? Well a while ago Dave was doing buildings and a palazzo for the Italian Wars project and had a tower from Charlie Foxtrot Models, however it was a tad taller than he needed so left a section out. Colin kindly supplied a resin roof so that it could be utilised elsewhere, however eventually it did not fit in Dave’s build so he passed it on to me to use in my castle build, which as since been shelved. The building has been on the shelf for a while, I bought a lion head fountain from Iron Gate Scenery at the ROBIN show back in February and the other day was wondering how to use it in my next build when my eye caught the said building. So needing a break from figure painting I set to, Dave had already assembled it and had also rendered the walls, so all I had to do was add the fountain, prime, base and paint it, the base is as ever from Warbases and the cobblestones are Wills railway accessories.

What is it? Perhaps the fountain suggests a pump house, sending spring water to the population, I will leave you dear reader to decide.
I hope you like what I have done with the gift Dave, it can still adorn the castle courtyard should I ever get around to continuing with it too.


Sunday 23 June 2019

Yes I Know, But No, But

I have all this Mediterranean terrain I need to utilise, with more to come when Pat 's Med book comes out in due course. So it's World War Two Italy here we come......
Perry plastic DAK, I picked up a box of the US infantry off Dave Thomas at Partizan, so standby.

Monday 17 June 2019

More Dark Age Distractions

My endeavours to increase the figure count in my units continues, all the existing Gedricht now have four bases. Below is the latest unit addition.

Mean while Lancelot has been raising the first if the Romano British cavalry.
All Footsore Miniatures with LBMS shield transfers and Warbases bases.


Friday 7 June 2019

Dark Age Force Expansion

I have decided to increase the size of my Dark Age collection, all units will now have four bases so that we can have "proper" battles and I have an excuse to buy more toys without starting a new project.

I had some Footsore archers in stock so both sides archers now have four bases.
Extra shield transfers are on order from LBMS, just have to work out what figures to add now, I have some Saxons in stock which I have started to paint and some British cavalry.


Monday 3 June 2019

Bikkagern Bounces Back

It appears the rumours of Biccagerns demise was greatly exaggerated, he had merely being knocked senseless by a blow from a cataphracts mace.
He is now back to take on the might of Rome once again.
I had made a few changes to the rules since last outing, although they worked OK, on reflection I think I will revert to our previous incarnation of Neil's rules, the extra things to add and remember outweigh the casualty and base recording I was trying to replace and I went a bit to far I think.
The Goths deploy for the attack.
Rome stands ready

I was too absorbed in rules analysis mode to take any in game shots I'm afraid, I did remain focused on the game though, unfortunately my dice throwing continued from where it left off in the AWI last week.
The Goths inflicted a crushing defeat, "The Viper" is on the march again.


Sunday 2 June 2019

Legio V Iovia

One of the new legions raised by Diocletian at the end of the 3rd century and was still in service at the beginning of the 5th century. To reflect its newly raised status I have depicted them all in spangenhelms, which appears to have become most common in the 3rd century. The shield design is from the Notitia Dignitatum, whether they would have had this design earlier I don't know, but I like it. The front ranks are armed with spears whilst the rear ranks are preparing to throw spiculums, Vegetius implies that this had replaced the earlier heavier pilum.
All the figures are from A and A miniatures, the shields are from Footsore Miniatures with LBMS shield transfers.
 To even the sides up a little I have also painted up another warband of Goths to face them.
The figures are a mix of Footsore, Foundry and Westwind with the bulk being from the Foundry, Casting Room Miniatures Germanic range, shields again from Footsore Miniatures painted by me and with the odd LBMS ones.
Both will see battle tomorrow, will new unit syndrome strike? We will see.