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Thursday 24 November 2016

Fields Of Gold

When we play our WWII Eastern Front games I usually plonk down some sprayed and cut up doormat and disguise some of the edge with walls, fences etc. in an endeavour to make it look more than a sprayed doormat, which works pretty well. Until that is you have a tank or figures balanced on top, now I know its only a game of toy soldiers, but I thought it would look better if sections could be removed. So to this end I have based a piece up, added a cut in two strip of wall from the Last Valley and made a balsa fence.
Light Footfall

Heavier Footfall

More Than Just Footfall
 I am quite pleased with the result so may do another, but not until I have done a bit more to the bad boy below that I started last year
The Ruins Of Rawnstadt


Monday 14 November 2016

Somewhere In Eastern Germany, 1945

Dave came over today for our planned WWII game using Battlegroup  Fall Of The Reich supplement, it was to prove yet another gargantuan struggle between the two ideologies.
Somewhere East
We used a scenario from the supplement, the Russians have been advancing unopposed so far, but have now been halted by a German blocking force, the Germans have their backs to the wall and have received hold till the last man or bullet orders. This has given them a BR of 31, whilst the advancing Russians have a BR of 25, both sides have around 520 points in this platoon sized action.
The Volksgrenadiers Await Ivan
 Both sides began the action with roughly the same amount of units on the table, the Germans began in their defences around a road block in the road, while the Russians began in column of march on the road to the right in the above picture. The Russians would roll a D6 on their first and subsequent turns to see how many more units would enter that turn, the Germans would have to wait until turn three to dice to bring on reinforcements.
Here He Comes

Hetzers Advance
 Despite the disparity in the BR scores it turned out to be a very close game, both sides off table artillery being most ineffective, especially when it mattered, I am sure each sides battery was commanded by Von Mulligan and Mulliganski respectively. The game may have been over a lot sooner, Dave drew an "Endkampf" counter this compels the Germans to draw three counters, what luck? No, I drew two Air Attack and one German "Out Of Ammo" a 0 counter to me, phew! Of course neither plane appeared as usual.
The Scout T70 Is Brewed Up

While The Baiters Burn
 Things were getting tight for the Russians, they had been drawing appalling high value counters for most of the game and despite now only facing what was basically one man and his dog they could have been on the cusp of withdrawing, have I mentioned previously the Battlegroup system does well in removing the gamers all seeing eye?
 The Germans turn with only their artillery that could deliver the killer blow, it all hinged on Von Mulligans battery, contact yes! On target? Bloody miles off! Dave was only 2 BR points away from exceeding is total too.
Well that was it, next turn Dave's T34 claimed one of the objectives and the resulting counter took the Germans over their BR. The Germans had put up a magnificent fight, though it would had been a travesty if the Russians had been forced to withdraw, all in all a splendid game, tense but fun all the way.
The Russians Claim An Objective Ending The Game
I should note that in this game we did not use the rules ammo supply rule, but one from a fellow Guild member who kindly gave me the info to use, with this if you fire twice in a turn, you roll two D6, dependent on how  much ammo you have determines the score that is required for you to run out. Both of us will admit that in the heat of battle we both invariably fail to mark off, this system negates any oversight, and the reasoning for using the dice instead sits with me fine.
We are off to Warfare on Sunday, I am off to make a list :~)


Tuesday 8 November 2016

Three Softies And A Tough Nut

Recent additions to my German WWII forces, some much needed transport and some possible air support.

Ready To Roll - Opel Blitz

Ready To Roll - Stoewer Personnel Car

Ready To Roll - Horch Personnel Carrier

Frog - Junkers Ju.87G
Ready To Roll (clicky) vehicles are not every ones cup of tea, but are good value and robust wargame pieces. 

Next game will be here at OHQ on Monday, a Battlegroup Rules, Fall Of The Reich supplement game.

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