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Monday 21 February 2022

Guns, Guns, Guns?

 First up a Roden Models SdKfz 233 aka "Stummel" an eight wheeled armoured car sporting a 75mmL24 gun, the crew are the ever fine AB Figures.

Secondly a Revell Marder III Ausf. M, the last in the Marder series of Panzerjaeger using a modified 38T mounting a 75mmL46 anti-tank gun, crew again from AB.

Last but not least going back to the previous century a French Model 1829 Valee 120mm mountain howitzer for the Brazilian forces for my Triple Alliance project, from Perry Miniatures.

With a fair wind I will be off to GHQ tomorrow for some Very British Civil War madness and mayhem.


Tuesday 15 February 2022

Narwa Reloaded

 A couple of firsts, having played this scenario from the second Rapid Fire supplement, this will be the first time playing it with Rapid Fire Reloaded and the first time on a snowy terrain.

To win the game the Russians must get one tank and a company of eight infantry on the rollbahn at the opposite end of the table, we have found in previous games that this is a tall order even on a 6x4 table. In the snow it is nigh on impossible unless the infantry can ride on the tanks, this isn't mentioned in the historical write up or the scenario description, even so the chances of getting a full company that far is also debateable. None the less we pressed on, as the aim was to give Rapid Fire Reloaded a run out with it.

A photo an annotated montage of the game follows if Blogger stops arsing about again.

The Russian objective by turn ten the T-junction at the far end of the table, a junction to far?

The German infantry in reinforced ruins await the Red onslaught.

German 105 battery, actually off table on our 6x4, we will see later that the battery was to give great execution.

In reply the Russians have a Katyushka battery, also off table. We found that it was next to useless using RFR until its final shots.

Two T34s fall victim to the 105 fire, four consecutive rolls of six!

The German tiger takes out a third in short order.

The Russian infantry struggle forward through the snow.

The Tiger fell victim to a concerted attack from two T34s and the KV1

By turn nine the German infantry were all but destroyed, but with reinforcements and a further Tiger now on the table all was not lost but there was no way the Russians could get a tank and an infantry company in place by turn ten to win the game.

A win for the Germans in game terms but a moral victory for the Russians we felt.

I will work out  representative forces using Battlegroup rules and play out the scenario again in April to see how it pans out.


PS. I gave up trying to use the caption function, a complete waste of time, its has never worked consistently since it was changed.


Wednesday 9 February 2022

Lost And Found

 Last week I was having a tidy up as you do, pushed to back of the shelf were four First Carlist war Carlist infantry and four British Royal Marines, spares? Err no I still had a base of each to do to finish the respective battalions, I have finished the Carlists now, the Marines will be next when I have finished the Triple Alliance Brazilian mountain howitzer crew.

                                                     The Alava Battalion of Guides

Inspired by Herr Barratsteins build for his Cold War Gone Hot project (  Clicky  ) I have revisited a building for pre WW2 Bikkelstein I started last year and completed it.

I am currently building two German vehicles for the World War Two collection so I have painted the AB Figures crew ready to man them and thought I would post a photo before they are engulfed by steel.

Now I did say "nothing new for 22" but that splendid fellow Mr. Barton has gone and made Americans in greatcoats and M43 uniform, well you just have to have some don't you? Queue packs in the post, oh and three Shermans, oh dear never mind :~) 

Hopefully games at OHQ will be returning next Tuesday.