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Saturday 3 August 2013

Slacking Again?

Well not really, just very busy and have just not got around to posting anything, I have played several games both here and at GHQ, the games here have been similar to the previous games posted so it seemed silly to post a variation of the same, whilst the games at GHQ are adequately covered on Dave's blog.

Anyway here is the latest stuff I have painted for myself, a Russian church for my Eastern Front 20mm games, this is an old Ian Weekly piece that Dave acquired for me a while ago, inspired by a recent game of Battle Group Kursk and wanting a change from painting figures I finally got around to finishing off. The fencing is from Hovels.

 I have also finished a group of Numeri for Dux Brittanniarvm and a casualty for denoting shock, I have another group of Saxons just awaiting shield transfers.

There will be a slight lull on the gaming front whilst Dave hosts a visit from his friends from Oz, but I do hope to get another game of BGK arranged in the meantime.