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Monday 28 June 2021

A Brief Encounter

For our game here today Dave requested a WWII game using my 28mm late war collection as due to Covid and various lockdowns he had not had the opportunity to command them, again as he had not played any games using Bolt Action rules for the same reasons he chose that rule set for the game.

Folk will no doubt by now know my opinion on Bolt Actions gimmick rules to appease list builders and sell models, so don't expect things like the ridiculous Tiger Fear rule.

Below is a list of my house rules for the game though, with the added Target Acquisition rule. 

Target Acquisition - I will be using the spotting table from Battlegroup and if the target is not acquired the target will receive a pin if hit and if any sixes are rolled one will be re-rolled the usual roll to convert the hit to a casualty will apply.

Morale - When testing for fifty percent casualties form shooting and the unit fails its test instead of the unit breaking it will immediately move 12" towards friendly cover or the friendly table edge if no cover is within reach, it will then be given a down order dice or the order dice changed to down if it already has one.

Mark it as shaken with a suitable marker, its next order must be a rally order, the units morale value will be reduced by one for the test, if it successfully rallies remove the shaken marker but not any pins it may have.

Close Quarters - If you lose a close combat by twice as many casualties than your opponent then remove the complete unit as per the rules, if you lose by less than twice as many then retire as above.

The game will be a straight forward encounter battle, both sides converging on the hamlet of Petit Rawnslie which yet again has been ravaged by war.

The German advance begins well with units stealing a march on the approaching British.

Inertia then struck the German advance allowing the British to make up ground on the hamlet.

Just when the Germans broke from their lethargy disaster struck, a lucky shot from the advancing British Cromwell brewed up the German Panzer IV before it got off a shot.

Again the German advance stalled with the PzIV blocking the road giving time for the British to occupy the remaining three buildings giving them a commanding fire base.

The British had also set up a Vickers MG on the German flank forcing them off the road and into cover meanwhile the building occupied by the Germans came under converged fire from two British squads and the unopposed Cromwell.

The German squad behind the adjacent hedge got similar treatment both squads becoming pinned down.
Lieutenant Bikkleigh peruses the rules for the effect of a PIAT against troops in buildings.

  By turn four it was all up for the Germans with not enough men to oust the British from the hamlet, even if they could be motivated to do so, which was doubtful.

That's all for now folks, keep safe and keep gaming.


Thursday 24 June 2021


 More troops for the beleaguered Volksgrenadiers holding back the Red hordes. AB Figures and Warbases bases.

Saturday 12 June 2021

More 20mil Madness

 First up an Airfix Focke-Wolf 190F8, the box dated the kit to around the 1970s, the decals had held up pretty well the transparent bits were a tad yellowed but it is hardly noticeable now it has been weathered up.

Next a truck Dave kindly donated to me when he off loaded his Afrika Korps collection, I have finally got around to repainting it. The standing figures are Britannia the seated ones Foundry with SHQ stowage and I believe the truck is also a SHQ one.

Lastly three pinned markers, the Russian tanker is FAA, the German an OP Battlefield Miniatures figure and the seated chap I converted from an FAA downed Vietnam USA pilot.

Next up is this wee beastie, totally mad I know but I just love the wackiness of it.

Matt is kindly hosting an Operation Sealion game tomorrow via Zoom and next day I will be off to GHQ for an AWI game, life is good.


Monday 7 June 2021

Reich On The Ropes

 For the second post lockdown game here at OHQ I decided on a WWII game using Battlegroup rules, the timely arrival of WSS114 would provide the basis for the scenario.

Steve Shann has provided a scenario for the Battle of Schonfliess, 16th April 1945, ostensibly for Rapid Fire rules but easily adapted to other rulesets and bath tubbing down. I modified it for a platoon level game using the Battlegroup Fall of the Reich supplement, as ever Dave would adopt the persona of General Bikkliski and command the Soviet forces, their objectives are circled in red below.

The initial Soviet force would consist of two batteries of SU76Ms and an infantry platoon with the support of a 76mm infantry gun and a 50mm mortar team, from turn three reinforcements would arrive at D6 units per turn these would consist of another infantry platoon supported by a Zis3 76mm divisional gun a two tube 82mm mortar battery, a Gaz truck mounting a multi barrelled maxim AA MG, a forward headquarters and a forward observation team to to instruct the off table gun batteries.

Defending Schonfliess would be a German Volksgrenadier platoon with a Panzerschrek, 82mm mortar and a tripod mounted MG42 in support, reinforcements arrival would be diced for, turn five, eek!, the worst possible result. These would comprise of a further infantry platoon with a PAK40 and two Tiger IIs, again these would arrive at the of D6 units per turn.

The Soviets pushed the SU76 batteries forward to pound the German positions ahead of the infantry, confusion rained amongst the inexperienced German platoon, the panzerschrek team falling victim by a Soviet battle counter draw.

Despite mounting casualties the platoon held on, they were not making the best of their cover failing many saving throws and were still able to strike back but not with sufficient force against a numerically superior enemy.

  An SU76 falling foul of a panzerfaust strike and the forward observer Bren carrier and crew being taken out by ambushing Germans before they could call down fire. With squads wiped out by combined HE and small arms fire the surviving Germans began to fall back with the arrival of two Tigers and supporting squads the morale increased, a battle rating counter draw giving them additional rating although some of this was negated for losing an objective to the advancing Soviets.

Seeing the Tigers, General Bikkliski sent all available SU76s forward to engage them, a frontal penetration would be impossible but if they could be pinned this would enable others to get on the flanks  and engage successfully. Despite a panzerschrek team taking out one of them and a Tiger a second one managed to an all important side hit and Kaboom. Meanwhile the Soviet infantry had been whittling away the German infantry who again were failing to take full advantage of the available cover the battle counters were rising again, seeing the battle was lost the Germans took one more counter to unpin, the gamble did not pay off and their rating was exceeded after an exciting twelve turns of play.

Below are pictures of the latest additions to the collection, a PAK40 with crew in winter attire and another building for Bikkelheim.