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Wednesday 29 March 2023

Arthur or Belisarius

Take your pick. I have recently been reorganizing my Post Roman Britain collection to enable us to play Hail Caesar with three divisions a side each of four units. I have had to paint up some left over Goth infantry, not exactly Saxons but they will do for me to make up the Saxon army. On the Romano British side I only needed to paint four figures so I utilized some spare Early Byzantine figures. Which is where this chap comes in.
Sold by Footsore Miniatures as Belisarius I bought him for the early Byzantine project, to make up an extra base of cavalry for the Brits I used the Footsore Arthur and bannerman figures. This figure will now be the new Arthur. 
All being well real life permitting we will have the Brits and Saxons on the table here at OHQ on Tuesday.
Until then..........TTFN & KBO

Thursday 23 March 2023

Early Byzantine Kavallaroi

Whilst I was painting some mounted Normans for Dave I dug out a unit of cavalry for my 6th century Roman project. I hadn't realized that it was last May since I had added anything to the collection!
To rectify the neglect I have also cleaned up a unit of psiloi to paint and ordered a unit of Huns.
Figures are from the ever gorgeous Aventine range of course on a 120mm x 80mm base from Warbases.
Off to GHQ for next week's game, the very pretty Italian Wars using Hail Caesar utilizing the medieval additions in the second edition.


Tuesday 21 March 2023

Goths Gallop Onward

Another outing here at OHQ saw the Goth horde continue it's success on the field against the ageing and hapless Baldinus.
On the left and in the centre both sides advanced cautiously.
Meanwhile over on the right both made probing attacks.
The result saw both falling back in various degrees, however it was the Goths who came back with a vengeance breaking one then another Roman units until all the cavalry of Baldinus had quit the field.
With the Roman right decimated Baldinus forms his infantry into a mobile square and slowly quits the field conceding more territory to the Goth invaders.
Victorious once again Bikka looks on with satisfaction and consolidates.

Until next time, may your dice roll higher than mine today.