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Friday 29 September 2023


New additions to my early Byzantines, Hun light cavalry from Aventine Miniatures, base from Warbases and Gamers Grass Tufts via Great Escape Games 

Monday 25 September 2023


The latest additions to the 1940 project, 1/72nd kits from The Plastic Soldier Company.
First up some rather natty A9 Cruiser tanks for the BEF.
Next some Czech 38T light tanks for the Whermacht.
I am currently painting up the second squad of German infantry then I will start on the second section of British infantry. First there is a little of matter if some earlier Huns to get finished off.
Until next time........KBO

Tuesday 12 September 2023

Goths March Ever Onward

Dave arrived today to once again command the Gothic hordes has they push the Roman field armies back into the Empire.
Once again the gods appear to have blunted the Roman weapons and the Goths continue their advance further across the Empire.
On the left the first Roman cavalry unit is destroyed, their supports valiantly fight on.
The Roman cataphracts are left out on a limb 
The Roman cavalry are pushed back further but do not break, if they are pushed back next time they will be off the table and deemed destroyed.
Over on the other flank the Roman auxiliaries are put to flight.
The Roman centre holds firm but with it's flanks crumbling a withdrawal is ordered.
Another defeat for the Roman field force, it appears the gods have deserted them yet again, but then again it could just be me in command 😂


Sunday 10 September 2023

Colours 2023

Games that caught my eye on our visit to this year's show see Dave's blog "Tales from GHQ", link in side bar, for more photos.
Liverpool Wargamers - Saga, Samurai skirmish.
Newbury & Reading Wargames - Nagashino 1579
Wargamers Association of Reading - 2nd Mantinea 362BC
Simon Miller's - 2nd Mantinea 362BC
Wargaming Headquarters?  - Rapid Fire Reloaded Normandy scenario.
Loughton Strike Force - Saigon 1968
There were lots more games equally worthy of phographing but one can only do so many especially in the heat.
Until next the post........