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Wednesday 18 March 2015

Lost Worlds

Some bits for my latest pulp project, figures from the Lucid Eye Savage Core range. I have a lot more work to do on the outpost, gatehouse, watchtower  and walkways etc.
Parite - Amazon War Leader

Ze - Khor - Jungle Lord

Amazon Outpost

Monday 16 March 2015

Church Hill Complete

I managed to get  the painting of Church Hill finished over the weekend.

Saturday 14 March 2015

WMMS 2015

Here are some pics of some of the superb games on display at this years West Midland Military Show, there were lots more to photograph but I was recovering from flu and the old legs were getting a tad wobbly so I only took these. I picked up some bespoke MDF bases from the splendid folk at Warbases and got some stairs and tombs for Church Hill from Ainsty. Last of the big spenders or what?
WWII Western Desert

Great Northern War

Indian Mutiny

Great War 1918

A Very British Civil War
Siege Of Malta
WWII Normandy

Painting is in progress on Church Hill and finally....................................
My daughters Doberman came first in her class at Crufts :-)