Monday, 22 September 2014

Busy, Busy

No post last week as I was away on a short break up to Hadrian's Wall and the Lakes, not much painting of my own stuff at present, way to busy on commissions, took some up to paint on an evening while I was away in fact. Here are some I did earlier however, Romano-British skirmishers for Dux Britanniarum, which I hope to have enough figures painted to play a game at some point.

Hope to pop over to GHQ tomorrow evening for a Samurai skirmish using Dave's embryonic rules "Funsen"
next game planned at OHQ is a Rapid Fire Eastern Front game, perhaps using the degrading battle rating rule from Battlegroup Kursk.



  1. Rumours that Hadrian's Wall was to be manned again proved untrue I take it?

  2. :-) yes we moved down to the Lakes on Thursday just in case.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Simon, yes Musketeer. With the news from Bill about relocating production I popped down to the Beasts lair and got the rest of the figures for my Goth army and some mounted figures for Dux.

    2. A wise move! Nice minis, lovely painting.

  4. Great work Phil. These look great. Looking forward to seeing more Dark Ages material from you!

  5. Thanks Sid, have been lured away to the third century at the moment but hope to get back to them soon.