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Wednesday 30 November 2022

Radio Ura! Ura!

Here is the Soviet Radio Communication truck, a resin Britannia/Grubby Tanks piece.
The Soviet command group, also Britannia/Grubby I painted way back in 1990s!
All mounted in bases from Warbases.
Until next time..........

Saturday 26 November 2022

Down But Not Out

In full KBO mode and in tandem with commission stuff and the Red Dawn stuff, see Dave's Tales From GHQ blog, I have completed a couple of items for the FB Battlegroup November Build.
This months being Forward Headquarters units, first up a radio communication vehicle for the US Battlegroup, a Ready to Roll resin piece. 
Next the senior officer and team, AB Figures in an Italeri jeep.
Also nearing completion is a Soviet Radio truck.

Until next time......


Thursday 24 November 2022

At Range - Ancient and Modern

First up four early Saxon skirmishers with slings, four Footsore Miniatures figures. I have had these for a while they came with a discounted Saga force, I have never added to them but I have painted them up they can be a small unit in Hail Caesar games.
Next up a World War II German LMG team, 20mm AB Figures.
No game at OHQ this week has I have been struck down with man flu.


Tuesday 8 November 2022

The Fall of Seelow

 For this week's game I chose a scenario from the Battlegroup "Fall of the Reich" supplement, a platoon level action with a ragtag formation of German Volksgrenadiers, Kriegsmarine and Volksturm attempting to stem the Soviet advance.

Seelow awaits.

Second Lieutenant Tams has constructed an anti-tank barricade across the road and covered it with two dug in Pak40s.

Dug in Volksturm protect the northern outskirts.

Meanwhile Kriegsmarine troops dug in on the eastern approaches.

Jabos! A timed Soviet airstrike.

One of the Pak40s is pinned down.

Soviet forces converge on Seelow.

Panzerfaust fire causes the T34 crew to abandon the tank, accompanying tank riders dismount pinned.

A supporting T34 is also hit and brews up.

Meanwhile in Seelow the Soviets clear out the PAK40s.

The Soviets bring up an ISU152 and clear the Volksturm defend the northern approaches.

Despite a spirited defence, in turn eleven the battered German survivors withdrew ( one above their battle rating of 30). However they certainly had put up a fight with the Soviets only being five away from exceeding theirs.

Until next time.......


Sunday 6 November 2022

Markers Ancient and Modern

Some markers to denote casualties, loss of stamina and the like.
The shields are from Footsore Miniatures and bases from 30mm circular bases from Warbases.
Next some decorative barrage etc. markers for my 20mm WWII games.


These are made from florists wire glued into circular bases from Warbases, Woodland Scenics clump foliage was then glued to the wire using a hot glue gun. When dry they were sprayed with Woodland Scenics, scenic cement, basically watered down PVA. It’s was applied with a Woodland Scenics spray bottle, again any household spray bottle can be used. Once dry I sprayed with Halfords Matt black car paint and then a light overspray with Halfords grey primer, the bases when coated with Jarvis desert sand and stone mix and painted with Deco-Art country maple washed with GW Seraphim Sepia and drybrushed with Vallejo Model Colour Iraqi Sand(819)

That’s all for now folks.

Wednesday 2 November 2022

More for Bikkelheim

I have completed another building for the fictional town of Bikkelheim, once again an EBay purchase of a Faller model railway building.
This together with the other completed buildings will be doubling for Seelow in next week's game.
 Until next time.......