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Monday, 26 July 2021

Short And Sharp

 Dave tootled over to OHQ today for our scheduled First Carlist War game. The Carlist forces are in retreat with the Christino forces in hot pursuit. To enable the bulk of the army to reach the safety of their fortified lines the Carlists have formed a blocking line between the Rawnsla stables on the left and the boggy ground on their right.

Carlist Volunteers Hold The Stable Block

Carlist Skirmishers Cover The Boggy Ground

Not wanting the retreating Carlists to reach the fortified lines the Christino's (Dave) decided on an all out attack, an excellent command roll sent the Spanish brigade surging forward into close musket range of the opposing battalions causing some disorder in the Carlist ranks.

 The British Auxiliary Legion on their right did like wise, although constrained by a narrower frontage.

The Royal Marine Rocket Troop were quick to deploy also, attaining a direct hit on the hapless Carlist artillery the adjacent battalions were fortunately unperturbed by this. The whole Carlist line withstood the first onslaught causing disorder in the Christino ranks in return, not wanting to enter into a firefight the Christino infantry charged home.

Eventually the Carlists got the better of the various melees but danger reared its head when the Christino line cavalry seeing a gap charged the exposed infantry although they formed square they were not resolute enough and were broken, this in turn however left the Christino cavalry exposed in danger from Carlist cavalry on both flanks so they were compelled to withdraw. While this was going on the Christino infantry on the left broke which also broke the brigade, the Christino forces had to withdraw, the Carlist blocking force had done its job, lady luck was with them this day.


Friday, 23 July 2021

Little And Large

 A couple of additions to my World War Two collections, first up an Emhar Models YAK3 in 1/72nd scale.

Its not very often that planes appear in my Battlegroup games but I like planes so I am adding to the collection for when they do.

Second is a Rubicon Models Sherman Mk. III for my 28mm late war British collection.

Next game here at OHQ is scheduled for Monday, a First Carlist War game using Black Powder rules.