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Wednesday 8 May 2024

Delaying Action

After a couple of postponements the Sitzkreig is over, the Germans are advancing to cut the British and French armies in two. In this scenario a British platoon supported by a troop of A9 cruiser tanks and a solitary Matilda II are tasked with holding up the German advance, a timed 4.5 howitzer barrage is also available to them. They must hold up the German advance for nine turns to achieve a successful outcome.
Things started badly for the British with most of the infantry not in position and orders seemingly not clear or getting through. Luckily the German advance had slowed down giving them extra time to get in position although once there the order situation was found wanting (new dice!).
Tommies eventually manned the hastily dug trenches dug earlier by engineers.
The Germans advance but it can hardly be called Blitzkrieg!
A timed Stuka airstrike fails to have much of an impact.
The British 2" mortar put down harassing fire in support of the troops in the forward trenches.
German infantry move up but are pinned down by concentrated British firepower.
The British Matilda moves up to counter an advance on the flank by a German 38T tank platoon but breaks down limiting its view!
The British timed barrage has little effect only pinning down an empty Opel Blitz.
The troop of A9 cruisers are sent to engage the advancing German 38T but get short shrift all being knocked out in short order.
However they have done their job diverting them from engaging the British infantry who have done sterling work in holding off the German infantry.
In turn eight the German Battle Rating is exceeded and the German advance is blunted.
Job done!
A tight and enjoyable game for us both. A lot of froth is bandied about on which rules are better than others etc. But in the end they are all means to an end it is the spirit in which the game is played that counts.


Tuesday 30 April 2024


I was unable to host the planned 1940 game today due to a hospital appointment coming through. On the plus side I have been able to complete more transport and a Flak36 for the Germans and with the hospital being near Wolverhampton and at 10am, Dave kindly organized a small French Indian Wars game over at GHQ (look out for a report from Tales From GHQ in due course) so I could swing by afterwards.
I have also started to repaint my Fat Frank roads to blend in with my bases a little better.
Now the transport pictures, first a Horch. Kfz15  for the Schutzen Platoon HQ. Car is from Millicast and the crew are AB Figures.

Next a Krupp Kdkfz.69 to tow the Pak36, an old Matchbox kit a kind gift from Matt Bickley.
Next a Sdkfz7.10 to tow the infantry gun (when I paint it) An old Skytrex model I have repainted in Dunkelgrau.
Lastly the Flak36 88, another gift from Matt with Simon's Soldiers and AB Figures (officer) crew.
Bases as always from Warbases.
Pending anymore appointments these should be on the table for the rearranged game next week.