Friday, 23 September 2022

Roman Resurgence.

Continuing the return to the third century Roman collection I have finished the remaining casualty figures for morale/casualty markers.
The figures are A&A with a lone Foundry Casting Room Barbarian figure.
I have also completed the Roman camp bases I started quite a while ago.
The tent is the old Ian Weekly piece now produced in resin by Magister Millitum, the palisade is from First Corp.
All the bases are from Warbases, speaking of which I have assembled and painted their Roman raeda I purchased at Colours earlier in the month. It is now ready to join the five figures I am working on to form a little vignette/command base.
Staying in the realms of Rome next week's game here at OHQ will be a Roman v Goth bash, after our last outing here Dave mentioned that he liked Hail Caesar, as after playing a few games with Jon he had a better grasp of the game rules. So those will be the rules in use rather than our usual Neil Thomas set 
Until next time........

Sunday, 11 September 2022

There And Back Again

An unexpected journey, when Dave jokingly said "the football match is cancelled fancy taking me to Colours" I thought you know what, given the current uncertainty in things at the moment why not. It would also give our good wives the chance to catch up and take in some retail therapy too.
As Dave mentioned on his blog, Colours is more of a shoppers show, so we could partake of some retail therapy too.
So what did I buy?
First up a raeda for Emperor Baldinus from Warbases.
Inspired by the Adrianople game I bought these geese also from Warbases, pictured here with a Wargames Foundry late Roman civilian figure herding them along.
Great Escape Games had their buy five get sixth free offer of Gamers Grass still going so I stocked up on more.
Lastly I restocked on these 28mm picket posts from Tablescape.
Dave kindly presented me with this superb garden from The Last Valley as a thank you for helping with the Cold War Gone Hot project.
 On the way to picking up Dave and Sue I collected these Anyscale Models British OYD (3 of these), wrecked OYD and MWD truck from the sorting office for the 20mm 1940 project.
No game this week as we are away for a couple of days.


Friday, 9 September 2022

M36, Markers And A Massacre

First up the M36 for the late war US project, a UM Models kit not recommended unless you enjoy glueing on thirty plus individual bolts to the hull🙂
Next some casualty/morale markers for our ancients games, these were originally on 2mm pill bases which were a pain to pick up so I rarely used them during games. While I was digging out the next batch of Praetorian Guard to paint I spotted a bag with casualty figures which I thought was about time got painted. I had no pill bases in stock but did have some 40mm diameter , 3mm deep bases which fit and I found easier to pick up, so the joy of rebasing followed.
OUCH! those D6 come sharp.
Now on to the massacre, Dave came over for our weekly game earlier in the week. Real life matters meant a change of day and game so I threw down some terrain and figures for an early Saxon v Roman Britons game.
Now melee in Neil Thomas rules can drag on a bit despite our home rule adjustments, this day was an exception. The game was over by turn four! Bikka's Saxon horde ran rampant inflicting massive casualties which I was unable to save and reciprocate. I didn't even get chance to take photos, put it down to the shock and awe😮
This picture says it all really.

Until next time.....