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Saturday 19 August 2023


I have recently completed the first section of British infantry for the 1940 project.
AB Figures on bases from Warbases, painted with Vallejo and AK 3rd Generation acrylics.
Next up for the project is some armour for both sides. For the Germans a Platoon of 38Ts and for the British a troop of A9s, both are Plastic Soldier Company kits 
We are hoping to get away for a few days so no updates until September now until then.............

Tuesday 15 August 2023

West Wall

Today Dave would be commanding the American force attempting to breach a part of the much vaunted Siegfried Line.
Pictures with captions of the unfolding action follows.
The table for the action.
Timed airstrike incoming.
German flak lie in wait.
The American advance begins.
An acht acht lies in wait.
German artillery strike makes it mark.
The timed P47 strike arrives.
Followed by a timed artillery strike on the other flank.
The acht acht is taken out.
The Sherman dozer seized the opportunity to breach the dragons teeth obstacle.
German reinforcement was short lived.
The Germans reply in kind, another of the German reinforcements hit.
The Germans officer and artillery spotter is taken out.
Quickly followed by the Jagdpanzer IV.
The Americans surge through the breach.
By turn nine neither side had withdrawn, time was getting on so we called a halt to the game. With the Germans having lost both it's officers and no remaining armour and being nearer their break point we decided on a win for the American forces.
A hard fought game, with the Americans unable to contact their off table battery for seven turns, the Germans scoring three out of four direct hits being events if note.
Until next time...........

Saturday 12 August 2023

Germans II

The rifle team for the first German squad of the 1940 project has mustered out of the painting desk this week.
The ever lovely and naturally posed AB Figures on bases from Warbases with Gamers Grass light moss dry brushed with Vallejo yellow ochre.
I have just started work on the first of the British squads for the project.
All being well gaming will return to OHQ this Tuesday, more than likely it will be a World War II game. Until next time............ TTFN & KBO

Wednesday 9 August 2023


On an evening after I have been production line painting most of the day I get the urge to paint a single figure from start to finish.
The other evening was one such, I have had this figure primed since it came as a freebie when I was ordering my Britons and Saxons from Footsore Miniatures. He always catches my eye when I have recourse to go to the to do box, so I decided this was a good time to set to.
Queue one Moorish Chieftain.
Bill Thornhills nice smooth sculpting enabled going to town on the gown.
The shield transfer is from LBMS, from a Viking sheet but it looks suitably Islamic looking to me.
Base from Warbases.
Now I have to go and get these wings under control 🙂


Monday 7 August 2023


Another addition to the War of the Triple Alliance project wheels off the painting desk.
A 12pdr smoothbore for the Paraguayans.
Figures - Perry Miniatures.
Base - Warbases.
Just twelve more Paraguayan infantry to paint to make up the sixth battalion then it's first game time.


Wednesday 2 August 2023


First up the start of my 1940 Germans, LMG team.
AB Figures, via Eureka UK
Next the second W-SS squad for late war winter games.
Simons Soldiers, via Wargaming Miniatures in the UK
Below a Pak43 again for late 44, early 45 games.
Gun from Early War Miniatures.
Crew AB Figures