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Tuesday 31 October 2023

Battle The First

Table all set for our first game of The War Of The Triple Alliance later. 
Game on.

Thursday 26 October 2023

October Painting

First up some purchases from Partizan earlier in the month.
Ironclad Miniatures pillbox.
Again from Ironclad some slit trenches and field positions, all for the 20mm collection.
Finally part of my purchases from Eureka all for the 20mm WW2 projects. A US 60mm mortar, the rest of the purchases have been put into stock for the Italy project.
Finally the sixth battalion for the War of the Triple Alliance Paraguayans, I am currently painting a brigade commander for each side, I shall endeavor to get them finished so that we can have our first game.

Thursday 19 October 2023

Bunkering Down

You may think I was being kind to Dave by adding the M12 to my US Battlegroup. 
More West Wall defence, the bunker was a gift from Dave, from the door size it appears to be geared towards 28mm but the inside would struggle to hold standing figures or indeed weapons. It does make for an imposing 20mm bunker to house an anti-tank gun though.
The gun is left over from the Plastic Soldier Company 38T box to make various Marder varients, not sure if the configuration is accurate but it will do for me.
The hillside is carved polystyrene coated with Polyfiller painted and coated with my scatter/static grass mix.
The crew are old Battlefield Miniatures part of a batch of various figures gifted to me by Dave's son Matt.
Here they are in situ
Next to leave the work desk will be a MG bunker I picked up off Ironclad Miniatures at Partizan n recently.
Until next time...... .

Monday 16 October 2023

M12 Gun Motor Carriage

The latest addition to my US force, a little help to breach the West Wall.
Italeri kit with AB Figures crew.
No game tomorrow as Dave is a tad gyp.
Until next time.........

Wednesday 11 October 2023

No Dice

I took my fledgling Florentine force over to GHQ yesterday to receive another severe beating. All will be revealed over on Dave's blog, Tales From GHQ tomorrow at some point.
Meanwhile a few photos of the Florentine force before the debacle 🎲🎲🎲🎲🎲
 A Great War game is planned here at OHQ next week, it will be the first since January 2020!
Until then........

Sunday 8 October 2023

Partizan IV - 18th and 19th Century

First a splendid Crimean War game by Gothenberg Gamers, a little unusual has it featured Russians v Turks.

Next the Perry's Franco-Prussian War game.
Next the Boondock Saints treated us to another epic game set in India.
All in all a fantastic show that just seems to get better and better, I have presented a small selection of the splendid and varied games worthy of putting on the blog but one has to stop somewhere.
Finally the haul, field positions from Ironclad, Brits and Germans for Italy from Eureka, flak gun crew from Under Fire Miniatures and a 25pdr field gun from Empress Miniatures.
Bases and dry brush from Warbases, gamers Grass from Great Escape Games, Vellajo  paint from Pendraken, Franks to support my Ostrogoths from Gripping Beast and a Perry Miniatures British and French gun for the Peninsular project
from Dave Thomas.
A big thank you to the organisers, traders and gamers for providing so much for our collective pleasure.

Partizan III - World Wars

There were several WW2 games had you would expect together with this rather splendid Great War game from Grimsby Wargamers, Hargicourt 1918.
Next up Derby Wargames German retreat to Minsk 1944
Beda Fomm, Chesterfield Old Boys.
First Corps, Defence of Calais
More to follow.........