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Monday 23 September 2019

Bikkagern Follows Through

Following their recent victory Bikkagern and his Goth horde continue their advance into the Roman provinces. Baldinus has rallied his legions and as deployed to halt the Goth advance...…….
A View Down The Lines

The Vintage Shot

The Birds Are Circling, A Feast In The Offing Later

Bikkagern Leads His Nobles, Thundering Into The Legion

Meanwhile His Foot Warriors Do Likewise

His Subordinate, Clewless Leads Another Warband Into The Roman Auxillia

The Legion And Equites Are Getting The Worst Of It

Having Routed The Roman Light Cavalry The Goths Thunder Into The Roman Flank

The Right Flank Auxillia And Lanciarii Are Heavily Engaged Too

The Legion Is Valiantly Holding The Goth Nobles At Bay But Are Suddenly Hit In The Flank

With The Only Remaining Roman Cavalry Assailed To The Flank And Rear The Game Is up For The Romans 

With the Goth cavalry having free reign and all but two of the remaining Roman foot units engaged a Roman defeat was inevitable and we called a halt to proceedings.

The Goth advance continues and Baldinus's hold on the throne is shaky at best.

As ever we used Neil Thomas's Ancient And Medieval Rules with an addition to give generals a role and an additional morale roll if a unit was down to one base in melee.


Wednesday 11 September 2019

A Trio Of Transports

The last game I played highlighted the fact that my 20mm Soviets are short on transport, inspired by this and the Battlegroup September Group Build being transport, I set too.
A Lend-Lease Studebaker. A resin model from Anyscale Models.
A Lend-Lease Dodge Weapons Carrier. A resin model from Ready To Roll
A Lend-Lease M3 half track. Again from Ready to Roll while the crew are AB Figures

No game at OHQ next week as I am away.


Tuesday 3 September 2019

Viva La Muerte!

Dave came over yesterday for a game, the setting was the Spanish Civil War, an encounter battle between an Anarchist militia platoon, supported by an armoured lorry with the addition of a squad of Carabineros to stiffen them.
Dave duly took command of the Republicans, leaving the Nationalist force, consisting of a Legion platoon supported by a MMG, in my less than capable hands.
The Nationalists surged forward in the first turn, their headstrong advance continued in turn two. By then however the Republicans were in position to fire, catching two squads of the Legion in open ground. This stalled the Legions attempt to envelope the Republican flanks, both sides settled down to exchange fire sheltering behind walls and in the olive grove. The Legion in what can only be described as unwarranted machismo failed to take advantage of this cover, failing more than 50% of their cover saves over the course of the battle. The Republicans had heeded their military advisor and took better advantage of their cover, losing only one full squad. Needless to say the Republic won another victory, with the Legion down to below 50% of their squads, they quit the field.
Just three pictures, the game bogging down into a fight of attrition, both sides refusing to be cowed,  the Legion braving it out until overwhelmed.