Wednesday, 20 July 2022

Progress of Sorts

Here are the photos of the additions to the Medici and Triple Alliance collections I was unable to get Blogger to acknowledge that they existed in Google Photos. I have retaken them as the original ones on closer inspection were a tad out of focus.

First up the mercenary pike unit for the Medici
Next up a Paraguayan mounted officer for the War if the Triple Alliance.
and a mounted Brazilian officer
I am currently working on another Paraguayan battalion and completing the American squad for the late WWII collection in 20mm
No games until month though.

Monday, 18 July 2022


Just a test on my new phone, a holiday snap Elizabethan armour at Sir Francis Drakes home Buckland Abbey on loan from the Royal Armouries.

Saturday, 2 July 2022


 But not "proper" work?

Late 17th century infantry, Front Rank figures.

To be flagged and base by the recipient.