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Friday 28 December 2012

The Last Defeat.

As I mentioned in my previous post my last game of 2012 took place today here at OHQ, Dave arrived at 10.30 for the planned Great War set to. A little departure from the plan was that instead of using Bolt Action, with the additions and amendments from here GaJo Games (scroll down for download link) we only used the order dice and the troop quality ratings to determine if pinned units would carry out their orders, (a pin in this instance was two Mud & Blood shock points) for the rest we used M&B apart from using the NCO effect on the unit from BA and also units which had excess shock points would only retire if failing a rally order, which they were compelled to take when next activated.

All Quiet On The Western Front?

The scenario was taken from "Stout Hearts & Iron Troopers" well worth getting even if you don't use TM&B. The German's objective is to capture the bunker (top right on the above picture), the pre-game bombardment initially neutralised the two sections of Brits in the dugouts but only caused one point of shock on the men in the concrete bunker. The Germans made good progress across no mans land in the opening stages


However, they soon came under fire from the Lewis section in the bunker, the German section on the right flank took casualties from British sustained MG fire on the flank. The following turns saw the British rifle and rifle grenade sections rally from the effects of the bombardment, whilst the German advanced slowed, enabling the Brits to lay down more fire against them, adding continuing amounts of shock, and causing them to take shelter in the various shell holes.

Take Cover!

 Meanwhile the German assault section had made its way through the wood (top left in the above picture), seeing that the rest of the troops were making little progress their commander ordered an assault on the British trenches, the only British able to engage them being the rifle grenade section.

"SturmAbteilung Vor!

This turned out to be a poor decision and the turning point in the game for the British put down some accurate and devastating rifle and rifle grenade fire.

Discharge Your Grenades!

The German sections in the middle continued to pour ineffective fire (how do I manage to throw so many 1's and 2's?) into the bunker, the  fire against the rifle section on the right, being their one success. Whittling the British rifle section down to one man, the stalwart Cpl. Percy Pendeforde

One Man And His Woodbine

With the destruction of the assault section and the retirement of one of the rifle sections and the amount of shock on the others coupled with the arrival of British reinforcements.

The game was up for the Hun

Why did we forsake the M&B cards and Big Man mechanism you may well ask, well I'm a bit of a rules junkie to start with, also I have to umpire and play, with M&B there is such a lot goes on that I often forget to do a lot of things with the side I am playing. I think that M&B is the best set there is for this level of Great War game, but I still think it runs better and more smoothly with a dedicated umpire, a few will no doubt disagree. The next game at OHQ will definitely be a try out of BA, although I doubt I will forsake M&B entirely.

Saturday 22 December 2012

Life's A B****

Sorry for the lack of posts recently life has been rather hectic, despite this I have managed several games, three shows (Derby, Warfare and Wargamer) and have actually finished some items for my own projects. Both sides in my First Carlist War project have cavalry units, my Spanish Civil War Nationalists have an anti-tank gun and I have also finished the first base of Early Great War jaegers, a joint project for 2014 with Dave. The last game of 2012 is planned here at OHQ next Friday, a Late Great War game using Bolt Action rather than the excellent "Through The Blood And The Mud"  set that we usually use. Until next time I wish you all a VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS 

Saturday 1 September 2012

A Praeterea Quattuor Coæquans Six enim Dux Brittaniarum

I have now finished a further 2 Gedricht and 2 Comanipulares for use with Dux Britanniarum, this means that I have the first "unit" for each side. Pics of latest and a group shot below, figures from Gripping Beast and Mutineer, shield transfers from Little Big Man and bases from Warbases.

Got an Indian Mutiny game in at GHQ yesterday using Dave's splendid figures and rules, "The Devils Wind" where I got the worst end of a draw with the mutineer force. Off to Partizan tomorrow if I get some decent pics I will post them here next week.


Tuesday 21 August 2012

Photo's! For Previous Post.

Blogger seem to have issues with IE for some reason, is anyone else having problems? I am loading these in Safari no problem.

Saxon Gedricht

British Comanipulares

Hope to have the next four finished in the next couple of weeks.

Saturday 18 August 2012

Et simulacra figurarum pro Dux Britanniarum tandem

I have finally got around to taking some pics of the last four figures I painted for use with Dux Britanniarum, its been that long that I now have another four very near completion, when this will be I'm not sure as I am painting mainly for others at present, well a man has to eat you know. If you happen to be going to The Other Partizan on 2nd Sept you will be able to see some of fruit of my labours on the Alma game, I'm really looking forward to seeing this display game myself. I have managed to get in a few games since my last post too, the latest being a French Indian Wars game over at GHQ using Sharp Practice and very enjoyable it was too, especially has I managed a draw. Anyway must get back to the paint desk, here are the images, hope you like them. Sorry no pics Blogger have been arseing about changing things again and I can't see how to upload them anymore!

Saturday 2 June 2012

Aliud Quattuor Enim Dux Britanniarum

Yes I am trying to win the 2012 contest for the longest blog title, but no, here are my latest figures for the forthcoming Lardy game, "Dux Britanniarum", visitors to Triples will have been able to see these in action or indeed take part, didn't attend myself but here is a good report and pics of the Lardy game, Roundwoods World. I did however attend Partizan a week later, busier than the September one I thought, as usual some cracking games on display, alas the lighting in Kelham and my camera are not compatible with good photo's so no pics from me I'm afraid. There was the usual spread of traders to cater for most of our needs, alas no Gripping Beast though, else I may have spent more, as it was I did get a pot of paint, a box of the Perry mounted men-at arms and some wire spears. Splendid games to see too, having put on games there with Dave and Matthew for several years I know of the time and effort involved so people who do this for us should be applauded. Met up with chums old and new and the weather was excellent too what more could you want? Anyway here are the latest figures -


A Saxon Thegn

Two Gedricht

On the games front I managed two trips to GHQ were, firstly we play tested Dave's new rule set for the English Civil War and secondly we played out the game for a scenario set in an invaded Britain in 1940 which will feature in the 300th edition of WI, an issue not to be missed there are some splendid articles lined up for this, more info and pics can be found on Dave's blog Tales From GHQ

Well that's all for now folks, its back to painting.


Tuesday 15 May 2012

Short Update

Not much to report have been too busy with life and death. I have at last completed some much needed artillery support for my First Carlist War Isabellino forces, they currently only have the erratic support of the Royal Marine Rocket Battery.

Isabellino Horse Artillery

I have also completed some more German airborne figures for Dave Jackson at Offensive Miniatures, below  are pics of the latest heavy weapon support packs, check the Offensive Miniatures website, these are for Dave's personal collection so may not be what you get in the packs

120mm Mortar

I also have four more figures for Dux Britanniarum nearly complete, so I will hopefully post pics next week. No games due to my work load and Dave been away in sunny Cyprus, hope to get over to GHQ next week at some point for a game.


Thursday 26 April 2012

Duo Enim Dux Britanniarum

I have managed to complete two figures for the forthcoming dark age rules from Richard Clarke, more info hereToo Fat Lardies Blog and here Sidney Roundwood's Blog.

A Decurio

A Commanipulare
Figures from Musketeer Miniatures, bases from Warbases and shield transfers from Little Big Man Studios.

Also on the painting bench, for myself a First Carlist War Isabelino horse artillery gun and crew, the crew are done and the gun is about halfway. Commission wise, German fallschrimjager PAK40 and 120mm mortar and crew, some more Great War Scots and a Crimean War Russian sailor battalion, I have not seen any painted pics of these on the web so here you go

I have only managed to fit one game due to my hectic work schedule this was a Anglo-Zulu War game over at Dave's, report and pics here Tales From GHQ

Last Saturday was time for the annual visit to Salute, I thought there was quite a buzz this year that even the vastness of venue failed to evaporate, the games were mostly of a very high standard too, as always there were several little gems that were easily missed, I always make a point of printing out a floor plan and marking the games I particularly want to look out for.

Well that's it for now, its late and I have to be up to go to the Foundry open day in six hours!


Friday 30 March 2012

Hanging In There

Hi folks not a lot to post this time I have been a tad busy earning money, painting during the day and doing some temporary work at night together with my usual casual short circuit motor racing work at the weekend. This will no doubt continue at least until my good wife can find further employment having being made redundant due to relocation. I have managed a couple of games over at Dave's, the results and splendid pics can be seen over on Dave's nice little blog Tales From GHQ

Here are some pics of the rather nice German Fallschirmjager produced by Offensive Miniatures. Painted for the personal collection of the head honcho.

 80mm Mortar
Tripod Mounted MG42
 Jagers Prepare To Advance Under Mortar & MMG Covering Fire

Squad Light MG


Sunday 18 March 2012

Pyddle Down Manor

I have completed the Hudson and Allen manor house for the ECW collection of my good friend and wargames opponent David Bickley aka Obadiah Bickleigh. I must acknowledge Painterman for the colour inspiration.

It will no doubt also feature in our 1940 Operation Sealion games at some point too.

Take care

Sunday 11 March 2012

WMMMS 2012

As I was not at the raceway today I was able to attend the above show again this year with Dave, had a splendid time. Did not spend much really, some bases from the great guys at Warbases, some paint and some tufts, also delivered some commission work, pic below of some Marlburian dragoons.

There appeared to be a really good turnout, certainly seemed as good as last year. Around 50 traders, to cater for most gamers needs and some really nice games on show too, where are the photo's you may ask?

Did they turnout very well?

Please don't ask which numpty left his memory card at home in the PC's card reader! I think at times that age is catching me up a little to fast.


Friday 9 March 2012

3rd Century Romans

Bought these superb figures by A&A Miniatures has a retirement project, but of course I could not resist painting a couple to see how they looked and ended up with these, shield transfers from LBMS of course. Based up for Impetus as this is the only rule set for which I can see me getting enough painted for games.

Off to WMMS on Sunday, hope to take some decent photo's but will not be holding my breath, as I will not be posting any that detract from the games don't hold yours.


Monday 5 March 2012

Early Great War Stuff

Below are some pics of my latest figures painted for the joint 100 year anniversary project with Dave.

3rd Battalion, 48th Infantry Regiment "Von Stulpnagel" (5th Brandenburg)

Machine Gun Company

Battalion Command

Some artillery support
To balance things up here are some Scots I have been painting for an ongoing commission

And finally, some much needed reinforcements for my late war German forces

All figures are from the excellent ranges by Great War Miniatures.