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Monday 28 April 2014

Battlegroup - Fall of the Reich Game

Dave bravely ventured over to OHQ for a World War II Eastern Front game, I say bravely because Dave is not terribly keen on the additional complexity of the Battlegroup rules over Rapid Fire, but he kindly obliges me by giving them a go occasionally, it would help if I remembered the rules of course and didn't stop the game flow by having to look so many things up, the penalty for playing too many periods and rule sets I'm afraid or is it just getting old. Anyway on to the game, the scenario was out of the supplement, the Soviet force coming up against a road block with some die hard defenders in the closing stages of the war. I chose small forces of approximately 500 points each to speed play along.
Initial Set Up

Off Table In Reality, but has I spent time assembling & painting it so its on!

Ditto - As Above.

Soviet Forces Begin Their Advance

German Volksgrenadiers Lie In Wait

Soviet T34's Give The German Panzer IVs Short Shrift

German Volksturm Defend The Factory

Soviet Infantry Supported By T34s Move In For The Kill

The Remaining German Armour Is Knocked Out

I will not bore you all with a blow by blow account, doubt I would remember anyway :-)
High or low points depending on who you were are -

1. The inability of the Germans to get many units on at the start
2. The Soviet inability to get radio contact with their rocket battery
3. The inability to strike anywhere near the target when they did make contact 
4. The German inability to get radio contact with their 105mm gun battery
5. The inability to do much damage when when they did make contact, how many 1's and 2's can one 
    man throw I wonder?
6. The myopic German tank crew
7. The Soviet answer to Michael Wittman, make that man a Hero Of The Soviet Union General Byklisski

Neither side had reached their Battle Rating but with the Soviets in possession of one of the objectives and the possibility of stopping them gaining the other nonexistent the Germans had to concede defeat. Despite the lack of radio contact and poor accuracy of the rockets a splendid victory for Dave's Soviet forces. Are you sure you prefer Rapid Fire Dave? you seem to win more games of Battlegroup :-)


Monday 7 April 2014

The Defeat Of Don Byklos, A First Carlist War AAR

Don Byklos popped over to OHQ today for a First Carlist War game using Black Powder rules, his force was tasked with securing the bridge over the Rio Rawnsla. There to attempt to thwart his efforts was a Carlist force of two battalions and an artillery battery, with the promise of a further three battalions and a few cavalry squadrons to arrive around turn six.
It was obvious to the Don that he needed to advance rapidly and sweep aside the defending Carlists whilst he had superior numbers.

The Field Of Battle, Rio Rawnsla is cross able where the rocks and reeds appear due to a low rainfall of late. 

Carlist Forces Await The Christino Attack

The Carlist Battery Readies To Fire

Carlist Skirmishers Line The Bank
British Auxiliary Legion Storm Across The Bridge

Where They Prepare To Overwhelm The Carlist Defenders

Hand-to-Hand Fighting  Ensues 

Hey! Where Are You Lot Going?  The Don Rolls A Blunder

Royal Marine Rocket Battery Lays Down Some Unusually Accurate Fire

First Hit Of Many On Target!!!!!!

The Success Was Not Going To Apply To The Dons Reaction Throws, The BAL In Headlong Retreat

Closely Followed By Their Comrades On The Right 

Carlists Fire On The Remaining Christino Battalion
A sound plan from the Don which despite the none arrival of his cavalry and horse artillery looked in the earlier stages as if it would succeed, unfortunately the dice gods deserted him just when he needed them, the Carlists did not even have need of their tardy reinforcements. Tal es la guerra.

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