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Thursday 29 June 2023


Not sure about you but when I get a collection out for a game I get an urge to paint and add something to the collection. The recent First Carlist War game was no exception, luckily I still have several figures in "stock" so it would not frighten the fighting fund.
Rather than paint a large unit for one side I decided to paint a small skirmisher unit for both sides.
For the Carlists some Valencian volunteers.
For Isabelino forces British Auxillary Legion riflemen.
We played a Post Roman Britannia game earlier in the week unfortunately the poor light quality that day made taking photos a none starter. Just for the record the Saxons avenged the demise of Pendafud in the previous game with a victory.
Although I have projects in progress something new this way comes...............

Sunday 18 June 2023


The latest addition to my Medici forces for our Italian Wars games being a unit of German mercenary arqubusiers.
Surplus Assault Group figures, a kind gift from Dave.
I painted this mercenary Captain a while ago, Warlord Games figure with an Assault Group sergeant he being another gift from Dave.
No game this week as I am away in West Yorkshire, but stand by for some action in post Roman Britannia next week.
Until then .......

Monday 12 June 2023

Triple Alliance Additions

The fifth completed Paraguayan battalion musters out.
Together with an Argentinian brigade commander and aide.
Perry Miniatures figures on MDF bases from Warbases.
Until next time.

Friday 9 June 2023

Tracks and Tanks

First up the first piece for my 1940 British, a Lancer Miniatures Matilda II.
Next two Plastic Soldier Company Sdkfz 251s to fully motorise my late war German Panzergrenadier platoon.
Also mustered off the painting desk is the fifth battalion for the Triple Alliance Paraguayan army together with an Argentinian brigade commander base, photos to follow when they are based up.

Tuesday 6 June 2023

The Road to Rawnsla

After the Isabelino forces cleared the pass in the previous game the advance on Rawnsla can commence once more. The Carlist forces, to buy more time for the defences of Rawnsla to be strengthened have blocked the road on the main approach, taking advantage of the difficult terrain.
The game will last for eight turns, if the Carlists remain undefeated they will retire under darkness having bought valuable time for the defence of Rawnsla.
The Isabelino assault got off to a slow start with orders just not getting through or slowly acted upon, not good when time is of the essence.
It was turn four before the Isabelino forces got into position, time was running out.
Despite it's success in the earlier encounter the rocket battery did not do well missing it's target every time and only hitting another unit by chance.
The British Auxillary Legion was tasked with pinning the Carlist left while the Isabelino regulars turned the weaker right flank.
Their slow approach put great pressure on the BAL, luckily the early Carlist fire was found wanting.
Although the BAL routed a Carlist battalion increased Carlist fire broke the brigade forcing them to retire in turn seven. The Isabelino forces were still entangled on their left, leaving the Carlists to retire as night fell after turn eight their job done.
This game was also a test for future War of the Triple Alliance games, all the table apart from the road was deemed difficult terrain and the movement halved. Movement in the swamp area would be diced for, one D6 giving the distance and a score of one meaning the unit would have to turn back, the way ahead impassable. The Carlists were given a stamina of four to reflect their do or die stance, I will apply this to Paraguayan units to reflect the fact they rarely ran away.
We are already debating terrain effects to make them a bit more random and it's effect on cavalry movement. Onward!