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Thursday, 7 October 2021

Un Paseo Al Sol

 A return to 1930's Espana for this weeks game. The scenario saw the Guardia Civil holding an important rail crossing held up in the adjacent station building with an approaching Republican popular army force.

Coming up in support was a platoon of Foreign Legion with two squads of Moors in advance of them.

This was a most unusual game using Bolt Action rules which are usually blood baths over such relatively open terrain both sides causing few casualties to each other. The game ran to a seventh turn with no clear winner a winning draw for the Republicans being decided upon.
Photos from the action follow below.
The Republicans Advance

La Legion Advance Through The Copse To Counter The Advance On The Right

The Moors Hold The Centre

A Squad Of Carabineros Advance In Support Of The Republican Advance

An enjoyable game, but still lacking the feel for the conflict I get from reading accounts. I am still unable to put my finger on what is missing, food for thought, perhaps the late Robin Hunt nailed it when he wrote in his Military Modelling article, "to really understand you have to be Spanish"

Until next time continue to be careful out there and KBO.

Monday, 27 September 2021

Paraguayan Progress

 I have been steadily (very) painting up both forces since the start of the year and thought it time to have a mini parade of the units so far.

I have been mulling over base sizes and figure count per battalion along the way, the eagle eyed may notice a difference from earlier posts. I have settled on the following, large infantry units in Black Powder terms will be 15 to 18 figures on three 60mm x 50mm bases. These will be Paraguayan and Brazilian battalions who's strengths were notionally 800 to 1000 men. Standard infantry units will be 12 figures on three 50mm x 50mm bases, these will be Argentine and Uruguayan battalions whose nominal strength was 400 to 500 men and will also used for below strength Brazilian and Paraguayan battalions. All nations cavalry will be 6 figures on two 80mm x 50mm bases and artillery bases will be sized for the particular gun and crew.

With out further ado here are the fledgling armies.

The Allies


Argentinians in progress

The Paraguayans

Hope to be at Partizan next month to see the Perry's Triple Alliance Game.



Tuesday, 21 September 2021

See How They Ran

 After our trips away it was back to gaming here at OHQ, a First Carlist War game using Black Powder rules.

After an initial falter the Isabelino attack got underway where has the Carlist response never really started after one and half hours the Carlist force was broken the high ground was taken by the forces of the crown.

The Isabelino Infantry Brigade finally gets underway.

The Carlist volunteers await the attack while reinforcements advance on their flank, well some of them.

Isabelino cavalry and horse artillery guard the flank.

The Carlists on the hill come under heavy fire.

Over on their left the their support also come under fire from both front and flank. 

The British Auxiliary Legion brigade come up in support.

The Brigade commander attempts to restore the situation, follow me !
 It failed miserably.
Several Carlist battalions are now shaken.

Meanwhile the Carlist Cavalry remain inactive only having orders to hold the culvert.

Not knowing this the Isabelino cavalry stand off the other side not wishing to get caught in the narrow confines of the culvert.


Tuesday, 14 September 2021

LMG to the Lizard via Falmouth

 Before leaving for our break I finished this German LMG team, Warlord tank riders which are a tad to large to fit on my Rubicon StugIII.

Some outdoor shots around the Lizard and some photos from Pendennis Castle.

Wednesday, 8 September 2021

The Old Pretender

Introducing the would be successor to the late Baldinus, I present Bicclius Magnus AKA Et Argentum Vulpes 

Civil war is coming the Praetorian Guard are mustering too.

Figures are from A and A Miniatures, vexillum design is a suitably modified LBMS shield transfer and the base from Warbases.


Tuesday, 7 September 2021

The Weary Road

 Its 1945 and despite the inevitable defeat the soldiers of the Third Reich fight on. Dave came over today for a small WWII game using Battlegroup rules, taking command of the British the objective was to take and hold the two road junctions. Up against them would be some inexperienced Volksgrenadiers supported by a tank and a PAK40.

 We played nine turns over three hours including a break for lunch and a chat. Despite managing to destroy the British Sherman, when the supporting Panzer IV was destroyed the German morale crumbled and they retired.

Some photos from the action follow below.

What is that lurking in the undergrowth?

Volksgrenadiers line the hedgerow.

Minus one Sherman.

Volksgrenadiers attempt to bring their Panzerfaust to bear but get pinned by MG fire.

The British sniper takes up position.

Kaboom! the PzIV is destroyed.

The British consolidate as the Germans withdraw.