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Tuesday 27 August 2019

Rahnstadt Campaign - Game Four

General Wranski has been tasked with clearing German forces off the high ground along the division's route of advance upon Rahnstadt. The Germans are well dug in, it will not be an easy assignment.
The Field Of Battle
The Initial Defenders, Reinforcements Will Be Along
Wranski's First Assault Wave
German Mortar Fire Rains Down On The Russian Scouts And Anti-Tank Gun
Meanwhile Russian Infantry And Assault Engineers Probe The German Left And Centre
Both The Studebaker And White Scout Car Are Taken Out 
Meanwhile Emboldened Russian Engineers Clear The Minefield (successfully passing two Beyond The Call Of Duty Tests
T34's Of The Russian Second Assault Wave Advance Passed The Burning Wrecks
German Reinforcements Arrive
Disaster! The Stug Is Knocked Out By A lucky Shot From The Advancing T34
A MG Team Is Taken Out By Russian 120mm Mortar Fire
Russian Infantry Mass For The Final Assault
Another Blow For The German Defenders The Pak40 Is Destroyed
The T34 Move Up For The Kill
With The Stug And Pak40 Gone Its All Down To Fausts And Schrecks
The Russians Are All In Position
Wait! The Infantry Assault Is Decimated
Don't Get Excited, There Is Only Ammo Left For One More Mortar Salvo!

Despite Repelling The Infantry Attack On Their Left The Combined HE And MG Fire From The T34s Finally Breaks The Germans Will To Continue

A narrow win for the Russians puts their points tally up to seven against the Germans three, having won two consecutive engagements the Russians will get additional support for the next game. The Germans despite having to relinquish their hold of the high ground are in high spirits having given the Russians a bloody nose, so the first numbered counter drawn in the next game will be treated has a one or nil if it is a one. 


Wednesday 21 August 2019

Rahnstadt Completed

Well with the Russians fast approaching the town in our mini campaign I thought it time to finish this piece I started way back. A mix of 15 and 20mm Hovels with a piece made by Matt Bickley when he were but a lad.

The next game in the campaign is scheduled for next Tueday, stand by for action.


Monday 12 August 2019

Normal Service is resumed..........

By this I mean, yes I came second again in today's First Carlist War game using Black Powder, our go to rules for horse and musket games these days.
A Panoramic Shot From Dave's C3-PO
Up to turn four things looked to be going swimmingly for Don Carlos's boys, taking everything the Isabelino forces could throw at them, musket balls, cannon balls and even dastardly rockets from the mercenaries from Perfidious Albion, which were uncharacteristically accurate, only missing once in the entire action, neglecting the couple of duds.
Despite sending the Princessa regiment off in flight and the arrival of the second brigade, things took a turn for the worse for the Carlists, with half of their units shaken the brigade who had borne the brunt of the fighting were forced to retire leaving the new arrivals at the mercy of the government forces. Had the new arrivals been more effective things could have been so much different, but they were more or less pinned in place by a cavalry regiment and a few skirmishers, by which time the Isabelino's bought up fresh troops in support.
A few game pictures to give you an idea of the action and to show off my cloth for the table, now back to 6 x 4.

We are off to 'Tother Partizan on Sunday see you there maybe.


Monday 5 August 2019

A Little Less Green Please

I wanted some thing a little more arid for Tunisia and Sicily, so one old decorating cloth, dye and some car spray, voila!
Here with some buildings and troops

I think it may just do. It will also cover the more southerly regions of Spain for my Spanish Civil War game I think.

Off to Dave's tomorrow for some ACW action.


Gen. Longstreak