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Tuesday 25 November 2014


Family health issues continue to consume my time, any free time is currently being spent painting the paid stuff so to keep the blog ticking and me sane, here, as they say is one I did earlier together with with some pics of the recent French Indian Wars game at GHQ, where you will also find a write up of the action.

SHQ Miniatures Panther AusfG

Major Joroas plans the defence of New Cheltenham

British Regulars prepare to stoutly defend Fort Aston

Col. Robinspierre's French Regulars advance on the township

The townsfolk prepare to sell themselves dearly

French Regulars storm the bridge

Chief Biccachook's Braves enter the town

Fierce fighting ensues

The French get hemmed in by British Regulars, meanwhile the Town Militia hold at bay the French irregulars and Indians
For those folk who like to know such things, the stone house is by Architectural Heritage, the blue farm building was scratch built by Dave and myself, long ago, far longer than both of us care to remember, the shacks etc were also scratched by Dave, although I think I may have done the piggy sty. The bridge is an old Ian Weekly piece, trees, fences, fields etc are from The Last Valley, I built the boards, a commission for GHQ. Dave picked up the fort from the Derby Worlds one year for the princely sum of £14 painted, those were the days when you could really find a bargain, we believe it is a Grand Mannr piece. The figures are all wonderfully painted by Dave and are mainly Redoubt figures.

That's all folks.


Monday 17 November 2014

Giving Up?

Hi fellow bloggers, it has been over month since the last blog entry, where does the time go? Pretty heavy here on the business and family front of late. But apart from finishing off a couple of commissions I have managed to assemble and paint a box of Plastic Soldier Company T70's, not a very effective unit but as annoying as gnats to the opposition. Also got a trip to New York in for my wife's "big" birthday, had a great time but very tiring, so much to see and do four days was no where near enough, still a good excuse to return in the future. Speaking of the future I was seriously considering just letting the blog slowly slip away, I sometimes wonder whether it is worth the time and effort involved, then out of the blue I had an email from a fellow blogger who's work I admire greatly, saying how my Carlist War project had inspired him to perservere with his own, this together with the subsequent telephone conservation swept away my negative waves, at least for now. Anyway, back to more cheerful things, the gnatski's, a Civil War monument in Brooklyn and a couple of shots of the Chrysler Building because I like Art-Deco.

 Only managed to get one game in so far this month this was a 1920's ganster game over at GHQ, click the link for all the gory detail. All things being well I will be over at GHQ again this Thursday, John is coming up from Cheltenham for a three way FIW bash.