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Tuesday 29 August 2017

Bikkagern Triumphant!

After two consecutive defeats the Goth Bikkagern aka The Viper finally bested his Roman adversaries on the field of Rawnsla today.
Both sides advanced warily, vying for the better position whilst both sides missile troops harassed each others, missile fire cannot win battles so close combat was eventually joined.
Both sides troops refusing to give way, despite their armour, the Roman troops were gradually worn down and although they were causing the Goths to check their morale on several occasions, the Goth warriors refused to give way.
With only two units remaining and another close to being annihilated, the Romans conceded victory to the Goths and sued for terms.
Some pictures from the engagement follow

We used Neil Thomas's Ancient and Medieval Wargaming rules with some additions and suggestions from folk on the Yahoo group.
On the table you can see figures from A and A Miniatures, Aventine, Footsore, Foundry and Gripping Beast. The mansio and statue are from Grand Manner the tree bases from Charlie Foxtrot Models whilst the fir trees are Noch and the odd deciduous trees are from Last Valley.


Thursday 24 August 2017

Bring Me Sunshine

Eric and Ernie compare notes, this years Partizan figures, Earnest Hemingway and Eric Blair aka George Orwell.
I thought while I am posting I would include pictures of  the progress of my semi-historical Wars of the Roses project.
First up, Eddie's mob.

One more base of Yorkist men-at-arms to do, then I will return to do the same and some bill men for Maggies crew, who only has some archers and a solitary mounted knight at the moment.
Figures are Perry plastic and metal figures.


Tuesday 22 August 2017

Partizan II.....and finally

Steve Jones put on another of his splendid AWI games a fictional encounter Watiff's Bend

This fine ACW game, The Battle of Point Republic 1862 put on by Durham Wargames, struck a chord with me, so much so that I drifted over to Dave Thomas's stand perusing the Perry ACW range, mad I know as Dave has an extensive collection, but some early war units would not hurt, would it? Sense prevailed and I resisted, or was it that there were not enough packs to make the units I wanted?

Nottingham Wargamers were putting on a RCW game, Matt Crump has the RCW bug so I said I would get some pics to inspire him further.

Well that's all folks, I never got back down to the participation area where there were lots more inspiring tables, a bit miffed as I particularly liked the Italian Wars game using Sharp Practice 2, put on by the Harrogate club, very photogenic it was too, so I am sure there will be pics elsewhere.
Roll on next May.
I was a very good boy and apart from the September issue of WI, I only got my pre-orders and what was on my list, this being, more SCW Republican troops from Empress, some bases from Warbases, wire spears from Coriatani, Vallejo paint from HLBS, tufts from Great Escape Games and a pack of Footsore Miniatures Irish slingers from Ainsty.


Monday 21 August 2017

Partizan II Part two

The suitably attired chaps of the Very British Civil War Parlour can always be relied upon to present a fine game, I was particularly taken with the train.
Simon "B De" Millar put on another of his epic ancient extravaganzas using his fine To The Strongest rules, this time it was the battle of Leuctra.

The lads from Derby Wargames Society continued to impress with this late 17th century game.

Phil Olley put on this charming Imagination/SYW game, complete with a working windmill and a fine informative handout.

The League of Gentleman Anti-Alchemists presented a Texas War of Independence game using Sharp Practice 2 and figures from the characterful Boot Hill Miniatures range.

To be continued.....................................

Partizan II Part One

Two words will suffice "bloody brilliant"
Too many fine games to photograph them all, here is a selection.
Crecy - The Bodkins
With contributions from the likes of Messrs. Andrews, Bickley, Chick and Imrie, it had to be spectacular.

Ian Smith and friends - Peninsular War game in 40mm, yet another spectacular game.

Passchendaele 1917 - Richard Clarke was there with an early try out of his WWI Chain of Command rules, have tried and enjoyed the amendments in the Special for Co|C, but it did not hit the spot I felt. Looking forward to Richards bespoke set for this, nice to see Sidney's wonderful terrain on display, Richard had watered up the shell holes a bit to make it more Passchendaele.

 To be continued....................................................

Tuesday 8 August 2017

Rompan El Fuego

Another all infantry bash this week at OHQ, this time we are off to civil war Spain for another game using Rapid Fire rules with Mark Hannam's rule suggestions.
The Republican advance to Rawnsla continues, the Nationalists have sent a Foreign Legion tercio with support from a Requette tercio to halt the advance.
The advance guard of the Republicans consists of an International Brigade battalion which in turn has the support of four Anarchist militia centuria.
The Nationalists Advance

The Anarchists Move To Counter La Legion

International Brigaders Occupy The farm
I took the Nationalist forces, my plan was to hold the Republican advance with the Requettes while the Legion would envelope them, a major floor with this plan was that I forgotten that infantry only move 6" cross country with Rapid Fire rules and the table was set up with minimal cover, which meant that by the time the Legion got in position the Republicans were sitting in cover and the Legion had a lot of open space to cover to reach them.
Stand Off

Stand Off

The Requettes Take Cover

The Anarchists Having Also Retired To Cover

The Legion Also Fall Back
The Requettes were doing their job well enough but were taking to many casualties to storm the farm complex, two more casualties would require a morale test, so they were pulled back. Meanwhile Dave sent forward the Anarchist militia to head off the Legion while the Internationals got in place in the farm complex. Taking the expected casualties they eventually had to take a morale test which was passed, next turn the Nationalists were unable to cause further casualties to force another one. With time running out a winning draw was declared for the Republic, both sides hunkering down to await reinforcements with the Republic having a better position for the struggle to come.
Till next time.

Hasta La Vista

Tuesday 1 August 2017

Wot, No Tanks?

Dave requested a WWII game using Bolt Action, so I organised an all infantry set to for a change. The Soviets had two platoons supported by a Maxim MG and a 50mm mortar. The Germans would also have two platoons, they would be supported by an off table 81mm mortar.
The game would be an encounter, both sides advancing on a small settlement on a crossroad, both forces would begin off table, rolling against their morale to enter when an order dice was drawn, both sides where classed has regulars.
The initial turns saw both sides advancing on the village and both trying to out flank each other.
First blood went to the Germans, with the mortar taking out the Soviet MG with its first round.
Although the Germans had the best of the order dice draw sequence and some fine shooting dice results they never seemed able to do enough to capitalise on this. The game was evenly balanced though with both sides being on the cusp of winning, at the end of turn six both sides were still contesting control of the settlement, but with the Soviets having destroyed two German squads to the Germans one and another squad down to two men, victory was awarded to Davich's men.
If it had gone to a turn seven the result could have swung the other way, so finely balanced was the game.
Next weeks game will be here at OHQ again, a Spanish Civil War action using Rapid Fire rules, this will be another all infantry affair.

Hasta la vista.