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Monday 27 July 2020

The Road To Starpel

For the first game at OHQ since restrictions eased I chose to do the above scenario written by Piers Brand in WSS108.
The day started badly for my defending Volksturm losing the dug in Panther to a timed 122mm barrage, They responded by knocking out the lead T34/85, despite some poor dice rolls for orders the Soviet advance continued, if somewhat slowly. Despite this however by turn six the Germans had enough and pulled back towards Starpel. Historically the defending Volksturm company held back the Red tide for several days rather than a couple of hours😂
A few snaps of the action follow below, figures and vehicles from various manufacturers, PSC, Britannia, FAA, Drews Militia (now OOP sadly), AB, Ready to Roll and Wartime (now available from Simons Soldiers).
The road to Starpel
Kaboom! Direct hit.
Take that Ivan.
The Volksturm await the Soviet tide.
Which is duly its way, if a tad slowly.
We are being let off lightly on this flank mein herren.
Where did they go?

An enjoyable return to none solo gaming here at OHQ and back to my usual performance of course.


Monday 20 July 2020

Its All Very.....

Drab, a bit like this year really. Nothing bright and colorful so look away now, additions to the WWII collections only.
First up I only have one SU76 and need two for the upcoming Starpel scenario game, written by Piers Brand, featuring in Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy #108, so I assembled and painted the three PSC ones I had waiting in their box. They do not appear until turn seven, given my recent track record my Volksturm will be long gone by then, but at least its one box left in the plastic kit pimple.

AB and Foundry crew figures.

Speaking of the Volksturm I needed another two figures for the scenario, luckily I had these Wartime Miniatures, now produced by Simon's Soldiers in the lead mountain.
Never needing much of an excuse to add to the collection, the scenario requires scouts and combat engineers, of which I have some. Not wanting to use "normal" infantry as a substitute I ordered up these AB Figures scouts.
Finally you may recall from a previous post I started some 28mm Germans in foxholes, here they are, I just need to do a LMG team to join them now.
All being well we will be playing the scenario here at OHQ next Monday.

Until then KBO.