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Monday 17 July 2017

Un Paseo Por El Sol

A walk in the sun, being a game set in Spain during the First Carlist War, using Black Powder Rules.
The Carlists had deployed along a hill, with its flank on a wood on the right and a farm on the left, ready to halt the advancing government troops, the aim of the Christino force was to push the Carlists back and clear the way for an attack on the Carlist enclave of Rawnsla.
Things started badly for the Christino troops, with failing orders and blunders, the Carlists however failed to capitalise on this and remained in their positions, when they too wanted to move, their troops were has keen to obey as their counterparts.
When the Christino attack finally got under way the Carlist forces fire was quite desultory only delaying the enemy advance and when the first unit came under heavy fire it duly ran away. This must have demoralised the remaining troops, the next three break tests all resulted in routs!
The Carlists Await Their Foe

The Carlist Left About To Be Engaged

The Carlist Centre Are Engaged

                 The Christino Advance On The Carlist Centre                         

British Auxiliary Legion Rifles And Lancers Hold The Right Flank

Christino Infantry Are Engaged By Carlist Skirmishers In The Woods

The Carlist Centre Will Soon Collapse

This Unit Took No Part In The Fight, Held In Square After Christino Horse Artillery Had Caused The Carlist Cavalry To Rout

The Carlist Left Hold The Christino Attack

The Carlist Centre Collapses Signalling A Resounding Defeat
A well deserved win by Dave after four defeats on the bounce, a most enjoyable game. Suitably inspired I later put an order in to Perry Miniatures for more figures.


Sunday 9 July 2017

Defending The Realm

Down in East Sussex celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary, doesn't deter the lure of the military though :-)

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Martello Tower, Rye Harbour - 18th Century
World War Two Emplacement, Rye Harbour - 20th Century