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Friday 28 December 2012

The Last Defeat.

As I mentioned in my previous post my last game of 2012 took place today here at OHQ, Dave arrived at 10.30 for the planned Great War set to. A little departure from the plan was that instead of using Bolt Action, with the additions and amendments from here GaJo Games (scroll down for download link) we only used the order dice and the troop quality ratings to determine if pinned units would carry out their orders, (a pin in this instance was two Mud & Blood shock points) for the rest we used M&B apart from using the NCO effect on the unit from BA and also units which had excess shock points would only retire if failing a rally order, which they were compelled to take when next activated.

All Quiet On The Western Front?

The scenario was taken from "Stout Hearts & Iron Troopers" well worth getting even if you don't use TM&B. The German's objective is to capture the bunker (top right on the above picture), the pre-game bombardment initially neutralised the two sections of Brits in the dugouts but only caused one point of shock on the men in the concrete bunker. The Germans made good progress across no mans land in the opening stages


However, they soon came under fire from the Lewis section in the bunker, the German section on the right flank took casualties from British sustained MG fire on the flank. The following turns saw the British rifle and rifle grenade sections rally from the effects of the bombardment, whilst the German advanced slowed, enabling the Brits to lay down more fire against them, adding continuing amounts of shock, and causing them to take shelter in the various shell holes.

Take Cover!

 Meanwhile the German assault section had made its way through the wood (top left in the above picture), seeing that the rest of the troops were making little progress their commander ordered an assault on the British trenches, the only British able to engage them being the rifle grenade section.

"SturmAbteilung Vor!

This turned out to be a poor decision and the turning point in the game for the British put down some accurate and devastating rifle and rifle grenade fire.

Discharge Your Grenades!

The German sections in the middle continued to pour ineffective fire (how do I manage to throw so many 1's and 2's?) into the bunker, the  fire against the rifle section on the right, being their one success. Whittling the British rifle section down to one man, the stalwart Cpl. Percy Pendeforde

One Man And His Woodbine

With the destruction of the assault section and the retirement of one of the rifle sections and the amount of shock on the others coupled with the arrival of British reinforcements.

The game was up for the Hun

Why did we forsake the M&B cards and Big Man mechanism you may well ask, well I'm a bit of a rules junkie to start with, also I have to umpire and play, with M&B there is such a lot goes on that I often forget to do a lot of things with the side I am playing. I think that M&B is the best set there is for this level of Great War game, but I still think it runs better and more smoothly with a dedicated umpire, a few will no doubt disagree. The next game at OHQ will definitely be a try out of BA, although I doubt I will forsake M&B entirely.

Saturday 22 December 2012

Life's A B****

Sorry for the lack of posts recently life has been rather hectic, despite this I have managed several games, three shows (Derby, Warfare and Wargamer) and have actually finished some items for my own projects. Both sides in my First Carlist War project have cavalry units, my Spanish Civil War Nationalists have an anti-tank gun and I have also finished the first base of Early Great War jaegers, a joint project for 2014 with Dave. The last game of 2012 is planned here at OHQ next Friday, a Late Great War game using Bolt Action rather than the excellent "Through The Blood And The Mud"  set that we usually use. Until next time I wish you all a VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS