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Tuesday 23 May 2023

Building Bikkelheim

From the previous post
I have already removed the flowers and window boxes, the setting for Bikkelheim is early 1945.
Most railway buildings on EBay, if you want a lower price anyway, are off layouts. Invariably they have bits missing, in this case there would have been a wooden door at the one end on the original model. I have replaced the missing door with a brass etched gate (I recall this came with the Ainsty cemetery gateway)
Gate added and the building primed with Halfords car paint primer.
At Partizan I collected a base for it from Martin at Warbases to make a backyard, inspired by one made by Rob Rowell I added an Anyscale Models wall section which I had in stock and Wills cobblestone piece.
To be continued............


Saturday 20 May 2023

Building For Bikkelheim

The latest addition for my fictional German town of Bikkelheim, a goods platform.
Painted I won't say repainted because most purchases off EBay including this are left in the pre coloured plastic condition, with Vallejo and AK 3RD Generation acrylics 
Next up is this one, I didn't intend to add more but I couldn't resist this one. I will be collecting a base for it from Warbases at Partizan tomorrow so hope to get it on the painting desk sometime next week.

Wednesday 17 May 2023

Hungary 1945, Spring Awakening.

Today's game was the first scenario in a short campaign in the Battlegroup Spring Awakening supplement. It represents the 1st SS Panzer Divisions drive along the Sarviz canal towards the Sio canal at the town of Simontornya, between the 6th and 10th of March.
To get to this objective they must battle the elements as well as the Soviets. Holding the area and village of Kaloz and it's bridge over the Sarviz is the 68th Guards Rifle division.
March 6th. The Kaloz Road
The first attack along the road to Kaloz, the outlying Soviet strong point must fight to delay the Germans.
The German advance began across country to avoid the Soviet dug in anti-tank guns and infantry which were covering the small wood where they expected the German advance to come.
This got off to a bad start with the Tiger II platoon commanders vehicle becoming mired in the mud.
Meanwhile German infantry began their advance through the wood to counter any Soviet advance onto the flank.
As expected the Soviets sent three squads forward, a fierce firefight for control of the wood began. Meanwhile the German advance on the open flank began to struggle with the Tigers making slow progress in the quagmire. Calling in supporting mortar fire was also problematic.
This gave time for the Soviet reinforcements to arrive.
A second Tiger broke down and a fire started forcing the crew to abandon it. In the wood both sides continued their private battle with neither side giving way.
The third Tiger runs low on fuel and grinds to a halt. The combined fire from the SU76 battery and IS2 resulted in the third Tiger being abandoned by their crew.
The Stuh42 was then hit by the fire from the IS2 and once again the resulting damage forced the crew to abandon. Over in the woods the German advance bought them within sight of the dug in Soviets with no armoured support any advance would be fatal, the German advance had been halted,  for now.....
A cracking game lasting until the eighth turn when the Germans Battle Rating of 33 was exceeded the Soviets were seven away off exceeding theirs.
The scenario can be played again with the Germans having extra support, we shall see what transpires perhaps. 


Monday 15 May 2023

Going With A Bang!

Something a little different, a Borgward demolition vehicle.
S and S Models with an AB crewman.
We will be back in the Eastern Front for tomorrow's game, until then..........

Thursday 11 May 2023


The France 1940 project gets underway.
A Dragon 1/72nd PanzerIV Ausf D.

Tuesday 2 May 2023

Viva La Republica!

A return to Espana this week saw the Nationalists and Republicans clashing at a village on high ground that gave excellent observation over the surrounding area.
The Republican forces got off to a good start heading for the dominant ground around the church.
Eventually beating the Nationalists to the prize and so they could not get enough firepower to bear so they had to pull back in due course.
Over in the other flank they sent a diversionary force to counter any Nationalist advance there.
The Nationalists we're getting hemmed in on flanks.
Where they received heavy casualties and were forced back.
In the centre there was a stand off at the cemetery.
The Nationalists right flank gave way which led to the Nationalists in the cemetery being assailed in both flanks and from the front.
Finding their position untenable the Nationalist commander withdrew his remaining men conceding the village to the Republican forces.
All being well Dave's bathroom refit will be completed at the weekend and next week will see a return to GHQ.

Monday 1 May 2023