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Friday 20 February 2015

Church Hill V

I just have to finish off the church base and crypt it is then ready for painting

I will not post on this again until it is painted now.


Wednesday 18 February 2015

Church Hill IV

I have started to add some more detailing on the the hill top
Shored up pathway hill side destroyed by shelling.
Observation bunker, sandbagged and roof added.
Trench entrance, sandbagged, my Ironclad Miniatures trenches will butt up to this.
Up-rooted and shattered tree in the graveyard.
Shell damaged graveyard, one of the most haunting memories from reading "All Quiet On The Western Front" when I was a youngster is the company being shelled in the churchyard, frightfully imagined in the book and  bought to life in the original film version.

More to come, stay tuned..............................................


Saturday 14 February 2015

Church Hill III

In between figure painting I have been doing bits to my latest Great War terrain piece.

The Crypt With Walls And Floor Added

An Observation Pill Box

Entrance From The Trenches

Current Overview
Still a lot more to do, to be continued..............................................


Monday 9 February 2015

Church Hill II

Digging out or should that be digging in?

The underground crypt entrance will join up with my Ironclad Miniatures trench system, I am currently adding some disturbed gravestones and a toppled over angel statue together with some other debris.

To be continued

Sunday 8 February 2015

Church Hill

My next piece of terrain for my Great War games, I have longed been inspired to make a church with a crypt inspired by this and this, though mine will not be as grand and spectacular.
The first ingredients, a Hovels ruined church, a Warbases MDF base and an old damaged TSS hill glued to an MDF base.

The church will be mounted on the MDF so that it can be used seperately as well.

To be continued

Friday 6 February 2015

Back To Terrain II

Pics of the completed piece below

We are planning to replay Monday's came this coming Monday using Bolt Action with Great War additions and a random event die added.


Thursday 5 February 2015

Back To Terrain

I have had a new piece of terrain for my Great War set up in mind for a while, looking at the last game and the shell craters I thought they look OK but a bit random even though there were quite a few on the table. This might be fine for the open terrain on that game, but I thought a little something more intense is needed for our trench games. I had three shell craters in hand from Ironclad Miniatures, so I set to and cut out an irregular shape of foam core board and stuck them down, all good but the gaps in between may as well have been the table. Off I went to the bits box and came up with a Wargames Foundry Great War range casualty, this was bareheaded, but I remembered having a West Wind Miniatures zombie head lying around, I duly did a quick head swap. Also in the box was a horse skeleton, this was off an old Games Workshop vampyr? coach, which incidentally now features as a hearse in Dave's Wild West town of New Paddock City! The rifle is off the Warlord plastic Germans sprue. A few contours were added with Miliput and model railway ballast of various grades stuck down with PVA glue, ready for the next step, painting.