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Tuesday 20 December 2016

Projects Progress

With no games to report on and little of my own figures painted up to show I thought I would post the customary review of the year.
Where did I get to project wise, here we go, last years words in bold .......................

First Carlist War 
Up next is another 8 figure cavalry unit for each side, target for completion by the end of February, this will leave two more Isabellino battalions and a cavalry unit to do plus one more Carlist battalion and a mountain gun for each side.
I have 2 figures done for each towards the eight, so not much progress on this one.

The Great War 
Support weapon wise I have a field gun for the Germans and a 3" Stokes mortar for the British, I have just finished a Minenwerfer for the Germans and I have signallers for both sides in progress at the moment which I plan to complete by the end of January. I also have half a dozen British cavalry to do at some point.
The above were done apart from the Stokes mortar and the cavalry, I have actually added some dismounted cavalry, these are the early war ones, I have bought some Woodbine Designs heads and will add Green Stuff gas masks to them, as its most unlikely that Great War Miniatures will make any. I got these via Colonel Bills together with some more British infantry, there was a figure Dave was after amongst them and it gives me another section. Earlier in the year you may remember I picked up some Renegade Germans at the Penkridge tabletop sale, at Derby Worlds I also got some Brigade ones, all these at 50p figure, you have to get them don't you? As well as adding a MkIV to the German force I have also completed various terrain items, so all in all a good year on this one, now on to the early war.
That covers the late war, for the early war project with Dave I am working on the battalion command to finish the third one, we decided to add another battalion so I also have that and another gun to do in the new year.
The above is done, however I realised that I have only done one HMG for the jaeger battalion, I have one already, Renegade figures again from Colonel Bills. I will await the release of a Mutton Chop one for the third and I really need some hussars, but flatly refuse to get any until there are dismounted ones available.

Arthurian ( for want of a better word ) 
Although I only need to paint another 18 figures now, so 2016 is a possible to complete. Although I did buy extra figures to double up the size of the units for Lion Rampant.
I think I have done about four figures towards the eighteen.

Wars Of The Roses 
A bit of a saga this one, but I have decided to keep the figures and eventually paint enough for Lion Rampant games, this is still on the back burner at present though.
No change, these figures will probably be sold off in the new year.

Third Century Rome
My retirement project which I have started on the basis that it is doubtful I will ever fully retire, again I will pop paint on these over the year. To date I have three Roman foot units and two cavalry units for the Goths I have two infantry units and I have started a cavalry unit.
Made great strides with this one, seven units of Romans completed and six units of Goths, together with a general for each, I fully intend to make them up to seven for game of To The Strongest in the new year as early as I can.

Spanish Civil War 
Again a project on the back burner.
Having said that I did add half a dozen figures and a couple of Grand Manner buildings to the collection
World War Two
Probably my first love and a period that can never be really completed the odd one or two vehicles can change a game. I have bought several more vehicles, aircraft  and figures since the purchase of the excellent Battlegroup rules. I always have something for this period on the stocks and 2016 will be no exception.
Yup did add various pieces, tanks, planes, terrain items and I am well on with a volksturm platoon, this will be completed soon as I need them for the Battlegroup Campaign weekend at the end of January

On reflection despite being very busy with the commission work, a very productive year, now what project to start next ;~)

 Merry Christmas
Joyeux Noël
Fröhliche Weihnachten
Buon Natale
Feliz Navidad
счастливого Рождества

Saturday 17 December 2016

Laid Low

A crap year end on the gaming front, the winter V bug as struck the folk at OHQ, so no game this week or next, I am now behind with work so chances of putting paint on my own stuff is not likely until the new year now.
Before this however I was able to finish off a German Great War flame thrower team and five 20mm volksturm for the Battlegroup campaign weekend next month, these require basing though.
I have also finished this Perry Miniatures bren carrier, I have been working on this for a while on and off, not the start of a new project (flutter, flutter) but an iconic vehicle I fancied owning. I also picked up a 20mm Britannia one for my WWII Soviet forces at Warfare.