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Monday 30 May 2022

Bikkelheim Grows

 One of two recent additions I got via EBay that worked out at £6 each. Both identical except for the colour of the wooden beams, although the next one will have them painted over to make it a little different.

I have again gone for the run down wartime look in the paintwork.

 I am currently watching an industrial building and a watermill, wish me luck.

Until next time.


Sunday 22 May 2022

Emperor And Entourage

 After what seems like an age on the painting desk I have finally finished the last three figures for group of figures from Aventine Miniatures superb Early Byzantine range.

Here is the whole kit kaboodle.

No game this week as we are away down on Exmoor for a few days.


Wednesday 18 May 2022

Repulse At San Hernandez

 Having being pushed back in previous encounters the Carlist forces, bolstered by two freshly raised battalions have made a stand at the village of San Hernandez.

 Following them up are the Isabelino forces under command of Don Biklos and his brigade commanders Don Juan Blanca and Napoleonic wars veteran General Bickleigh commanding the British Auxiliary Legion and attached Royal Marines.

The hard marching needed to keep up with the fleet footed Carlists troops had seemingly taken its toll, Don Juan's troops approaching the waiting enemy was to say the least, tardy. Similarly the British were also making heavy weather of it, a hard night in the local taverna's no doubt (yes they were the equivalent "lager louts of their day"). Finally both brigades got moving in relative tandem.

The Isabelino force attacked on a broad front supported by horse artillery and the unpredictable Royal Marine rockets, although they were as if not, more effective. There was little Carlist movement as expected with most of them safely ensconced behind the village walls although the hussars did advance to the ford to counter any Isabelino cavalry probe on the Carlist left flank.

Eventually heavy firing erupted along the entire front both sides troops becoming disordered, recovering and becoming disordered yet again. Casualties mounted on both sides with their commanders kept busy steadying their respective battalions. 

One of the freshly raised battalions who had been braving the hail of rockets finally had enough and retired from the field shaken to balance things over on the Isabelino right the infantry who had been taking the brunt of the Carlist artillery fire broke and quit the field.

 As the day waned the Isabelino force broke and quit the field despite their valiant efforts to force the Carlists back again.

We used Black Powder rules which give both of us the type of game we want without having to remember different rule sets, for those folk interested in BP I will list the command ratings and special rules used to flavour the vanilla that some folk accuse them of.

The Spanish brigade commander was rated a seven, the BAL commander being a Napoleonic wars veteran was rated an eight, with both Carlist commanders rated eight.

The Royal Marine detachment were given the Reliable rule, the newly raised Carlists were given the Freshly Raised rule, all the Carlists were classed Stubborn, though with hindsight with them mostly being in hard cover perhaps I should have just increased their Stamina to four to reflect their do or die attitude. All troops were given the First Fire rule.

All being well Dave and myself are off to Partizan on Sunday, hope to see some of you there.




Monday 16 May 2022

Real Estate

 Another building for the fictional town of Bikkelheim, I have recently purchased a further two abodes via EBay. Bases are on order to collect from Warbases at Partizan Sunday.

While in terrain mode below are some table shots of the First Carlist War game being played later.


Sunday 15 May 2022

Additional Aviation

 I have recently added a P51 Mustang to the "nothing new" project just in case the USAAF turn up during a game. I have the P38 to do next which will then cover the necessary aircraft that could turn up using Battlegroup rules.

Tamiya 1/72nd scale kit.

A First Carlist War game is scheduled herein OHQ on Tuesday. 

Until next time.


Tuesday 3 May 2022

Rocky Road To Bikkelheim

 The Soviet advance on Bikkelheim continued at OHQ today, General Bikkliski has sent a force in an attempt to flank the German positions, the position is lightly held but the low lying land makes the area very boggy, recent rains have not helped and the surrounding ploughed fields are now also in a decidedly soggy condition. Time however is not on the Generals side so the attack must go ahead regardless.

The Germans have dug in on the slightly raised ground at Bikkelheim Farm, a further squad and the platoon HQ have taken up position in the farmhouse across from the house is a dug in PAK40. A 75mm infantry gun is in position in the wood on the flank to hopefully counter any Soviet probe on that flank, a light reconnaissance tank meanwhile takes cover behind the building. The support platoons third squad and a Jagdpanzer IV will be coming up in support with the further support of an off table 120mm mortar battery. Its Battle Rating is 16.

The attacking Soviet force consists of an infantry platoon supported by a Zis3 anti-tank gun, a scout T70, a SU57 halftrack and three T34/85's with an off table 120mm mortar battery. Its Battle Rating is 18.

The initial Soviet assault is halted in its tracks by a 120mm mortar stonk, the lead T34s crew being so rattled that they abandoned it.
On the Soviet right flank the T70 makes a demonstration, distracting the PAK40 it is however pinned by HE fire from the German infantry gun.

 Further Soviet troops arrive to bolster the attack.
Whilst unpinning the T70 Dave pulls a confusion counter which he puts on the PAK40 with the required morale test causing it to become pinned, the CO is obviously wanting to know why it is targeting the T70 when T34s are bearing down on the position.

 After some poor coordination and lack of mortar support from the Soviets things improve slightly and the German defenders are now starting to take their first casualties, radio communication on the German side is poor and they also suffer from lack of mortar support.

However the radio op gets through and another devastating mortar strike brings the Soviet force close to exceeding its Battle Rating. 

A shot from the PAK40 takes out the SU57 the resulting chit draw takes the Soviets over their Battle Rating and the attack is called off. Time has been gained to strengthen the defences of Bikkelheim for the assault that will inevitably come.