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Monday 28 January 2019

Some SCW Support Weapons

Empress Miniatures Republican 75mm And Crew

Empress Miniatures Nationalist Mountain Gun And Crew

Warlord Games BA6 Armoured Car


Monday 21 January 2019

In Absentia.

Dave was unable to come over for our game today, but as the table was all set up for a Great War game using Bolt Action the order of the day was to fly solo.
The British objective was to neutralise (major victory) or isolate (minor victory) a troublesome hillside German bunker. They had seven turns, with a possible eighth turn to achieve this, turns one to seven would see a black order dice added to the dice bag, on drawing this a random event card would be drawn and acted upon.
As is becoming customary I will let the photos and captions guide the interested reader through the action as it unfolded.
Ajax leads the way, the Whippet could only cross the stream via the bridge at advance speed.

First card drawn sees the MMG in the bunker given a down order.

The temptation of seeing Tommy fording the stream entices the Germans to open fire.

Taking advantage of the bunker MMG team being down the Assault Party set off manfully.

Meanwhile the rest of the British force surge ahead to neutralise the German forces in the hillside wood.

The view from a passing Recon plane.

The other German Gruppe also give Tommy some lead

Tommy presses on regardless, Ajax has just survived a direct hit from German mortar fire.

That was close! the random card draw brings a stray artillery round.

Just as the infantry catch up and prepare for the all out assault on the German position the mortar gets lucky.

To further add to the British woes all the sections go down!

A ray of hope the card drawn is "Up and at 'em", it doesn't quite get them into assault but puts them in a good position next turn, providing the Germans dice doesn't come out first.

But of course it does, oh well nothing ventured and all that.

However all is not lost, an extra turn is thrown for and achieved, this sees the British fire taking its toll and the two German Gruppe fail their morale rolls and rout. Herr Leutnant makes for the cover of the bunker.

With the hillside now clear of German troops the bunker is isolated, a minor victory for the British, hurrah!


Monday 14 January 2019

Rhanzlistan Resurgent

Read all about the latest rumblings in Rhanzlistan Province  here Tales From Rhanzlistan
A taster pic from the action, Colonel Corbinski's troops advance on the Red Fort.

Monday 7 January 2019

A Twist Too Far.

Dave came over earlier for the first game of 2019 here in GHQ, a large Spanish Civil War game using Rapid Fire rules, now this is a World War Two set and the Spanish Civil War is not World War Two, so unable to leave well alone I decided that to make the attack and defence a little less coordinated  we would dice for how many units we could give orders to each turn and we would add that number of Bolt Action dice to a bag and draw out to see which side could act. Added to this I also put two black dice in the bag, the first dice is a warning the second the turn will end, this lead to some very short turns, coupled with the fact that I forgot that infantry only move six inches cross country in Rapid Fire, the game quickly bogged down with there being little Dave could do to possibly take the town with the time we had available. However we persevered, deciding we would continue the game next time, by turn fourteen both the Republican T26 and Bilbao armoured car had been knocked out, so Dave decided that he would call off the attack.

First lesson of 2019, you can bugger about with things too much. Anyway some pics with narrative of the days action follow.
The Outskirts Of Rawnsla

A Passing Chato Strafes The Requettes

The Republican Shock Troops Advance Cautiously

Requettes Await The Republican Assault

La Legion Arrive To Give Support

The Assault Troops Break Cover To Engage Them

The Republicans Advance On The Right

La Legion Advance To Counter
The T26 And Bilbao Burn

The Attack Is Called Off

I will try to devise something a little better next time Dave.