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Thursday 21 April 2022

Ack, Ack!


Aye up, Robinson has lost the plot I hear you say, fear not.

Here are some anti-aircraft defence for my German and Soviet forces.

Whilst I was in field grey mode I dug out some more AB Germans I had in the 20mm stash.

Ack, ack!

Tuesday 19 April 2022

Back To The Back Of Beyond

 During a game via Zoom kindly hosted by Matt (Wargames In The Dungeon) I realised that OHQ had not seen a game set in Central Asia for a while, on checking it was in February 2016! Although the S.P.I.F.F had been in action in Rhanzlistan, (Clicky)

Whilst Comrade Robinski had been having mixed success in Rhanzlistan the Soviet enclave of Sher Li had only had a token military presence. Local Warlord Bic Li decided he would take the opportunity to take back control of the town. 

Local communists had however reported the warlords plans to the towns commandant and word was quickly sent for reinforcements, it turned out that Comrade Robinski and a small force was already in transit after his recent success in Rhanzlistan.

The Folk Of Sher-Li Go About Their Business

Meanwhile The Town Garrison Makes Merry

Just Outside Town Professor "Putt" Robinson Conducts A Dig

Bic Li's Troops Are On The March

Siberian Marksmen Guard the Approaches, Which Are Also Covered By A Maxim Gun In Town And A Field Gun On The Adjacent Hill

The Chinese Troops Advance On A Broad Front

Meanwhile Robinski's Cavalry Arrive

The action swiftly developed, well I say swiftly, Robinski's infantry very very tardy in their arrival, the cavalry seemed reluctant to obey even the simplest orders. As for the town garrison, well it appears the Maxim had not been maintained well, jamming on its second shot and continued to be jammed until attacked and destroyed by Chinese troops. The field gun was little better only the Siberian troops offering any real resistance until they were overwhelmed by numbers. I wished I had noted how many ones I rolled, if I had I am sure it would have been a record.

Soviet Infantry Arrive At Last

They Are Soon Charged And Put To Flight By Chinese Dare To Die Troops

Things were no better elsewhere on the field and the S.P.I.F.F were compelled to withdraw.

The Victorious Bic Li Enters Sher Li With His Troops

We used Black Powder rules counting all infantry and dismounted cavalry as unclear targets, any unit with an LMG was given an extra dice when firing, the Dare To Die troops had no long range fire and where given a Stamina of four, the Determined Charge and Ferocious Charge rules. The cavalry were allowed to mount or dismounted within the move, the Siberian troops were given the Marauders and Sharp Shooters rules. Only one move was allowed when passing an order test.

A grand game and probably my worst dice rolling of all time.

Until next time TTFN and KBO

Friday 15 April 2022

An Abode For Bikkelheim

Another EBay purchase, a Faller or Fabri cottage, not very well put together but I thought it gave it a dilapidated look. I did have to revolve the roof and glue it on the right way though, I don’t think it would have kept the rain out otherwise🙂


Monday 11 April 2022

The Shiny And The Dull

 First up the shiny, the guard escort for the Byzantine emperor, a couple of shots prior to the shields being applied and obscuring a lot of Adams fine details and another with their shields attached flanking the emperor in a possible configuration on the base.

Figures Aventine Miniatures with LBMS shield transfers and banner, modified to fit.

 Now for the dull and drab part (olive drab actually) two Shermans with 76mm guns for the "nothing new in 22" project.

Italeri quick build kits with Early War Miniatures stowage added, mounted on bases from Warbases


Monday 4 April 2022

The Nothing New Project Progress

 The project is off to a flying start, I have purchased enough figures for a full platoon and support, a Sherman platoon, a M36 Jackson and some M3 half tracks should I wish to field an armoured infantry platoon. This should keep me occupied until Partizan were I hope to pick up some more vehicles.

The progress so far.

A moving and firing bazooka team and the start of the platoon HQ, all AB figures.

BAR and rifle teams all AB Figures again.

30cal machine gun team, yes you guessed AB Figures.

Reconnaissance team, jeep by Italeri and the crew Plana Mayor.

57mm anti-tank gun, crew Simon's Soldiers and the gun is from Empress Miniatures.

Sherman "Easy Eight" with 76mm gun a Trumpeter plastic kit and stowage from Early War Miniatures.

That's all for now folks.