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Sunday 30 July 2023


The second battalion of Argentinians recently mustered off the painting desk.
I am currently working on a gun and crew for the Paraguayans and have six figures painted towards their sixth battalion. When it is complete I will have enough figures to try out a small game and then assess where I go further on the project in the future.
Next to muster off the desk will be WWII Germans, keep tuned until then.....

Wednesday 19 July 2023


 Dave duly arrived on Tuesday for our planned First Carlist War game, again using Black Power II rules once again taking command of the Isabelino forces in the role of Generalissimo Juan Cornetta.

The Carlists would again be defending the approaches to the city of Rawnsla against the approaching Isabelino forces hoping to capitalise on their steadfast defence in the previous game.

Now who was to know that this game would see two game records, namely five yes five blunders and so many failed order rolls by Dave that I certainly lost count, to make matters worse we were once again trialling half movement rates! By the time the Isabelinos had shaken out into some semblance of an attack the fire coming from the Carlists had took its toll first one and then two Isabelino battalions breaking which broke the Spanish brigade leaving the equally tardy British Auxiliary Legion the vain hope of carrying the Carlist position, with no choice but to withdraw.

Below are some photos and comments of the action or inaction perhaps😉

The Isabelino Spanish brigade deploy.

The Carlists await their advance.

All quiet on the Carlist left, and long would it remain so.

The Carlist centre and right still waiting.

The Isabelinos advance! Finally.

Fire is exchanged as the Isabelino advance gets sort of underway.

The Royal Marines second rocket explodes in situ, there is a pattern emerging here 

The British Auxillary Legion lead the way.

The Carlists are ready and waiting.

The Isabelino attack starts to get into gear.

British Auxillary Legion lancers move up to support the line cavalry.

Turn ten and the Isabelino brigade breaks leaving the Carlists in control of the goats and the road to Rawnsla.

Although we did not really get a feel for how the half movement panned out we did not feel it would work without changing the firing ranges too, this would we feel slow the game too much. We may try limiting moves to two and a unit only being able to move once and fire next time.



Sunday 16 July 2023


 Has I mentioned in my previous post, on our way home I planned to do a slight detour to take in Attack! at Devizes.

It is at a local school so the show is split over several rooms which makes it look not very busy but it certainly seemed busy to me. It had a nice mix of traders and games, several you don't see in our neck of the woods, a modest spend by yours truly but see later.

Some games which caught my eye
Below, 28mm Arnhem, Oosterbeck western flank perimeter by Hereford Old Guard.

Pyrrhus  V Romans by Skirmish Wargames.

West Country smuggling, 28mm by Combined Oppos.

Show loot

Now the holiday bit you can skip so you do not get bored, but they are mostly military related.


The Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry Museum, Bodmin

We popped into Devizes town for lunch these caught my eye, a turreted spire, 15th century houses and the town lock up.

On returning home this order from Perry Miniatures I ordered while away were awaiting me, hence the modest show spend.  

A First Carlist War game is planned for Tuesday, stand by for that, until then......