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Friday, 3 October 2014

C'est la Vie

Family and medical issues meant that this week's game had to be postponed. As I was working on some WWII commission work I took the opportunity while I had the WWII colours out, to finish off some AB Germans and a SHQ T34/76, all of which had been primed ready for painting quite some time ago.

Painted using PSC tank spray and dry brushed using shades of VMC Russian Green, washed with GW Agrax Earthshade and MIG filter applied and a light drybrush with my lightened base colour.

Hope to have a game next week, and in the meantime its off to the Worlds on Sunday.



  1. Nice Tank! I'm also looking forward to Derby, so don't be late!

  2. That's very nicely done, whenever I have done Russian armour they end up looking like green blocks. One of the reasons I don't "do" WW2.

  3. Thanks Matt, the excellent range of washes, pigments and filters now available certainly help in that respect.

  4. I wonder what two little ducks is in Russian .......
    Nice modelling P.