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Bolt Action House Rules


Morale - When testing for fifty percent casualties from shooting and the unit fails its test instead of the unit breaking it will immediately move 12" towards friendly cover or the friendly table edge if no cover is within reach, it will then be given a down order dice or the order dice changed to down if it already has one.

Mark it as shaken with a suitable marker, it will also receive an additional pin marker. Its next order must be a rally order, the unit’s morale value will be reduced by one for the test, if it successfully rallies remove the shaken marker but not any pins it may have.

If it is fired on before it has rallied it must have a down order put on it and will be unable to rally until the next turn.

Smoke – If the round misses roll suitable scatter dice for direction and distance.

Spotting for Mortars – This can be done by HQ or Recce units.

Small Teams – Amend to three figures to recognise historical German LMG teams and British Bren teams of three men if used.

Snipers – These must be spotted if you wish to target them, if the unit wishing to fire is a sniper deduct one from the dice roll required.

Dice score required

Fired – 4+

Not fired – 5+