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Tuesday 21 August 2012

Photo's! For Previous Post.

Blogger seem to have issues with IE for some reason, is anyone else having problems? I am loading these in Safari no problem.

Saxon Gedricht

British Comanipulares

Hope to have the next four finished in the next couple of weeks.

Saturday 18 August 2012

Et simulacra figurarum pro Dux Britanniarum tandem

I have finally got around to taking some pics of the last four figures I painted for use with Dux Britanniarum, its been that long that I now have another four very near completion, when this will be I'm not sure as I am painting mainly for others at present, well a man has to eat you know. If you happen to be going to The Other Partizan on 2nd Sept you will be able to see some of fruit of my labours on the Alma game, I'm really looking forward to seeing this display game myself. I have managed to get in a few games since my last post too, the latest being a French Indian Wars game over at GHQ using Sharp Practice and very enjoyable it was too, especially has I managed a draw. Anyway must get back to the paint desk, here are the images, hope you like them. Sorry no pics Blogger have been arseing about changing things again and I can't see how to upload them anymore!