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Wednesday 19 June 2024


After Dave's break in Cornwall we reconvened here in OHQ to play a follow on game with my Goth and Roman collection. The retreating Romans have joined up with the main field army and have deployed to meet the advancing Goths.
Goth scouts stealthily despatch a less than vigilant Roman lookout and report back on the Roman dispositions.
The Roman generals discuss their defence plans with the Imperator.
Meanwhile 'essential' supplies are brought up.
While the Goth army begins it's approach.
The Roman right, on the hill are deployed the Equite Singularis, auxiliary archers and cataphracts, just out of picture are the Praetorian Guard in camp they will take no part in the action unless the camp is attacked. Left of them are the Legionary units.
To the left of the Legions are the Auxiliaries and heavy and light cavalry.
Goth warbands supported by archers advance to threaten the Roman auxiliary units, while to the left the Goth heavy cavalry threaten the Legionaries. 
On the Goth far right archers and cavalry advance towards the Roman cavalry.
The main Goth attack appears to be launched against the Roman right. A unit of cavalry charge the Equites who put up a stiff resistance meanwhile their compatriots charge the Auxillary archers expecting easy pickings. Both the Equites and Auxiliaries disabused them of this idea, the Auxiliary archers were eventually forced to retreat.
This however allowed the cataphracts to charge their erstwhile opponents and rout in turn the Equites were routed but not before the cataphracts and archers were able to fall back and protect the Roman flank from being turned.
The flank is secured, over in the centre and left both sides exchanged arrows and javelins neither side seeing an opening to break the deadlock. By turn ten of our allotted twelve turns we decided that neither side were in a position to carry day in time so an honourable draw was the decided outcome.
Another fine and challenging game using Hail Caesar rules, we are slowly getting our head around the rules now.

Monday 17 June 2024


As well as a bottle of whiskey I got this rather nice book from my children for fathers day.

Oh dear this has coinsided with Aventine re-opening the web shop🙂
But for now............

Thursday 13 June 2024

Recent Additions

First up the last of my AB Figures summer Soviet additions.
Next inspired by the recent game and the fine game put on by the Bodkins at the recent Partizan show, a Roman Auxiliary unit, a Goth light cavalry unit and a couple of Goth vignettes.
All the above are A & A Miniatures with LBMS shield transfers.
The above are from Wargames Foundry and the Goth cavalry below are Footsore Miniatures. All the bases from Warbases.
Again from Warbases a Roman wine cart, oxen and attendants are currently under the brush.
All being well the Romans and Goths will have another outing here at OHQ next Tuesday.
Until next time...... TTFN & KBO

Monday 3 June 2024


I have recently been reorganising the Goth and Roman collection to better suit our Hail Caesar games this as required a little rebasing, argh! I also need to add a two or three more units to each side to make up four divisions in Hail Caesar terms(any excuse).
Whilst sorting out an order, having to order packs inevitably leaves you with odd figures along the way. So encouraged by Dave's use of left over figures to create little vignettes for table dressing I have done this base to represent a Goth scouting party. It could also double as a tiny unit in Hail Caesar rules should I wish.
Figures are from the Wargames Foundry 
Casting Room Miniatures Ancient German range and the base from Warbases.