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Tuesday 26 January 2016

The Battle For Rawnstadt Continues

Our scouts told us that the town of Rawnstadt had been deserted, it would be an ideal place for our brave men to rest and await re-supply before continuing the advance further into the Reich. We were somewhat surprised therefore when our lead T34 encountered the enemy advancing on the town, the enemy were in retreat so why they were heading to occupy this back water we cannot guess.
Firing From both Sides Is Desultory But The Germans Start To Get The Edge

German Infantry Advance On The Town, Thinly Held By Two Russian Sections

Russian Reserves Steam Forward

The Germans Push The Russians Out Of The Town

The Tiger Joins The Fray Knocking Out The Russian SU76

The Germans Move To Consolidate Their Hold Of Rawnstadt

At Last The Russian Bear Begins To Bite

The Russian Front Commander Calls Back Dimitri's Force, Manpower Must Not Be Wasted On Such Place. Intelligence Knows Of No Reason For It To Be Of Such Importance

I move up to a vantage point on a nearby hill to see for myself what is happening, there are two Pz.IVs an armoured car and several sections of infantry. I have only sent two sections forward to the town to ready it for the rest of my force, I immediately radio back and urge them forward quickly, the two forward sections will not be able to hold back the Germans I feel, I also call forward our other two T34s. I must try to get in touch with division and find out what they wish me to do.
Col. Dimitri Robinski   

The scenario was played out using the new Iron Cross rules from Great Escape Games, reading about them and seeing reviews on the web, I felt that they would give a decent game in between Bolt Action and Battlegroup rules. Dave and myself were at first a bit dubious of any unit on either side being able to react before the others activation, but it worked quite well, in fact in some ways it made sense. Most other rules unless your unit has been given ambush/over watch orders would have to sit there and take punishment probably from several enemy units unable to do anything in reply until its "turn" providing it was still intact of course.
I must say that at the beginning of the game our dice throwing was the worst we have seen, my attempts to rally off morale markers was hilarious, the number of twos and ones I threw was amazing even for me.
I think I could have put up a better fight if I was not in charge of rules monitoring, but not to take anything away from Dave who even more in the dark about the rules who put in a sterling performance, early dice throwing accepted.
We both enjoyed our first run out with the rules and both agreed will certainly play with them again. 

Berlin 1993, Gen. Otto Bikkel (Ret'd) is reading a newspaper article........................
Secret World War Two Underground Research Facility Discovered Near Rawnstadt    

Monday 25 January 2016

The Battle For Rawnstadt, Germany 1945

As far as we can tell the Russians have not reached Rawnstadt yet, we do not know why the town is so important but as well as our three Pz. IVs we have been allocated a Tiger too! I decide to hold some troops in reserve so send forward some infantry including a mortar section with an armoured scout car and two of our Pz. Ivs.
Rawnstadt And Environs

As our Pz.IV approaches the outskirts it is unexpectedly fired on by an advancing T34, the shell hits but does not penetrate, meanwhile the 222 heads towards the town.

Ivan is already entering the town, our other infantry in reserve are called up to advance to contest the occupation while the 222 provides some covering fire. Ivan and ourselves seem to be doing little damage to each other, I think Ivan did not expect the town to be defended in any way as much as we did not be expecting to be sent to defend it.

Things Begin To Hot Up, First Blood To The Germans

Col. Otto Bikkel

To be continued...........

Sunday 24 January 2016

Rawnstadt 1945

We are advancing to deny the town of Rawnstadt to the advancing Red Army, why we do not know, it has long since been abandoned by the inhabitants. Even our General is at a loss to why it has suddenly become the focus of attention. We will do our duty none the less......
Col. Otto Bikkel

Monday 11 January 2016

They Are Here! - A Great War Chain Of Command Narrative

These Hun know what they are about, we have hardly had chance to recover from the effect of the bombardment and they are upon us.

We manage to get the Vickers firing, but the Hun take every advantage of what cover they can find, leaping to and fro, Cpl. Oxley's bomber section lend supporting fire but again the Hun seem impervious to our hail of bullets. The Hun are attacking left and right, we are still suffering from the bombardment effects (one less Command Dice in the first Turn) but over on the right Cpl. Parker gets his rifle section to the parapet to give the Hun a warm reception.

The Hun however give as good as they get, Cpl. Parker is wounded, but his lads have their dander up and keep firing, another Hun section appears adding more weight of fire against them. Cpl. Parker is hit again whilst valiantly inspiring his men. Cpl. "Jock" Calder brings forward his Lewis Gun section, we may still repel the attack, he splits the fire of the Lewis teams, one lending support to Cpl. Parker's section the other firing on the new threat to the front. 
Back on the left we are holding the Hun off, (more down to poor movement dice than British fire I may add). I really need to get that SOS bombardment called in, but either the wires cut or the Hun have a counter bombardment, we really need the rifle bomber section up but they have yet to appear ( the British are now down another command dice due to developments on the right)
 The remnants of Cpl. Parker's section suddenly come under a hail of grenades (Handgranaten! a German National Characteristics rule) before they can recover the Hun are on them, cutting them down mercilessly,
Cpl. Parker's section are broken. The Hun are in the trenches!
 We are in disarray (down to three Command Dice, with the loss of Cpl. Parker and now his section) but undeterred Cpl. Calder leads a counter attack on the Hun in the trench, unfortunately they are no match for the stormtroopers, Cpl. Calder is wounded and the remains of the section are ejected from the trench broken. 
With this loss we cannot hope to hold them any longer (Force Morale is now zero) so I order the retreat of the Vickers team and the remnants of Cpl. Oxley's section.
I can only hope that the little time we have gained for the troops at our rear is enough for them to gather more troops to stem the German advance,
Lt. Reginald Rawnsley, OC, 2nd Platoon, Pendeford Pals Battalion, 46th Div

Sunday 10 January 2016

They Are Coming II

GHQ/OHQ Communique
A change of fortune. Game on!

It will not be long. The bombardment was short and sharp so they are not far behind, most of the shells fell on the wire but the shells on the trench line included gas. I am sure the chaps can take it and will give a good account of themselves in the hours to come. We wait..................
Lt. Reginald Rawnsley, OC, 2nd Platoon, Pendeford Pals Battalion, 46th Div.

Thursday 7 January 2016

New Year In The Trenches II

During the week I managed to paint the Ironclad Miniatures trench sections I had modified, pictures below

GHQ/OHQ Communique
Due to real life domestic requirements the planned Great War Chain of Command game, They Are Coming has had to be postponed for a week, the suspense continues............................


Tuesday 5 January 2016

They Are Coming - More Great War CoC

We wait, we know they are coming, the scouts sent out by Sergeant Boot confirm our worst fears, the front line is overrun. They come but we are prepared, we will hold them for as long as we can.
Lieutenant Reginald Rawnsley, OC, 2nd Platoon, Pendeford Pals Battalion, 46th Div

We have overrun the British front line defences, our follow up battalions have our flank. We must now press on to the next line, I believe the Tommies call it their main battle line. We expect a strong opposition here, we also lack the element of surprise now, but our men are in fine spirits and we firmly believe we now have our enemy on the run.........................
Leutnant Johan Weiss, OC, Sturm Abteilung Koch 

To be continued..............................................................................

Sunday 3 January 2016

New Year In The Trenches

I decided it would not be over for Christmas and have continued with getting more of my Ironclad Miniatures trenches customised ready for painting, the first part of the year is going to be a Big Push to complete my Great War projects, although I have grown the pile a little, see below.
First though some pictures of the customised trench sections
Left And Centre Have Milliput Sandbags Added, The Right One Has Ironclad Sandbags Added. I Have Also Added Corrugated Iron Sheets In Some Sections Over The Wooden Ones For Variety 

More Sandbags And A Trench Periscope Added For A Forward Observation Post

A Burst Sandbag And Some Woodland Scenics Deadfall Added

Detail Of The Trench Periscope, The Pickets Are From Pig Iron Productions If I Remember Correctly

Now earlier today I made the trip a couple of miles down the road to the Penkridge Tabletop Sale, which I have attended since it started except for one year when I was a tad under weather. It is a bit of a joke that I have yet to buy anything but a coffee and a bacon sandwich, today however I broke my duck! I purchased something, hurrah! I had a quick wander round before meeting  with Dave and Jon, I spotted a painted field position for £3 ideal to add to my Great War terrain, after a coffee I went and got one. After Dave and Jon had left I had another trawl round which I am glad I did, under one of the tables was a box of unpainted figures for 50p each at that price you have to have a look don't you? Result, it was full of Renegade Late War Germans, so I have now added a rifle section, a MG team, some NCO's and officers to the Great War to do pile. I also ordered a MKIV tank for the Germans in the Warlord New Year 10% off and free postage offer, so my Big Push may take a while longer to bear fruit.

Off to GHQ tomorrow for the first game of 2016, a French Revolutionary War bash with Black Powder, look out for a report on Dave's BLOG later in the week.