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Wednesday 22 February 2023

David and Goliath

With no games to report on I will have to bore you with even more World Two additions this time for the Americans.
A Plastic Soldier Company M5 with an AB Figures crewman.
Next a Trumpeter Models M26
Off over to GHQ later for a WI photo shoot of Dave's wonderful Seven Years War collection.


Saturday 18 February 2023

Yet More WWII Additions

One of the scenario I want to play out of the Battlegroup Spring Awakening supplement requires the Soviets to have a battery of three Zis3 field guns. Now I could just proxy my 45mm and 57mm guns but what's the fun in that?
Queue two Italeri guns with AB Figures crew.
Currently on the paint station are a M26 Pershing and M5 Stuart for the Americans.
Until next time.........

Friday 10 February 2023

More World War II Additions

First up a MG34 team for the Bikkelheim Volksturm, figures are Simons Soldiers.
Next a 81mm mortar team for the Volksgrenadier platoon, AB Figures.
Finally I was sorting the Soviet infantry box out last year and saw I was a tad short of rifle armed figures. Now I usually field a mix of SMGs and rifles just treating them all as rifle armed, so perhaps I was just looking for an excuse to get some of the rather splendid AB Soviets 🙂
I have just finished assembling a Pershing for the US forces and two additional Zis3 anti-tank/field guns for the Soviets, all go on both fronts.

Until next time, TTFN & KBO

Saturday 4 February 2023

World War Two Additions

Last year I threw caution to the wind and purchased this Ace Models gun for my Volksturm.
I assembled it with surprisingly little cussing, one can't say that of an Ace kit very often.
Here it is suitably crewed with a Volksturm crew from Simons Soldiers, available in the UK via Wargaming Miniatures.
l have also completed another M3 half-tracks so that I can field an American Armoured Infantry platoon. The M3s are from the Plastic Soldier Company and the crew figures are Simons Soldiers.
I have not been neglecting the Triple Alliance project all the completed battalions have now been made up to eighteen figures and I am half way to completing another Paraguayan battalion.

Going back to 1066 at GHQ for next week's game.


Wednesday 1 February 2023

Pig Farm 451, Soviet Russia 1943

 Another cracking game yesterday here in OHQ. It is summer in Russia 1943 the Soviets are holding the high ground near Pig Collective Farm 451 things are about to get hot.

The Germans must clear and capture this position along the route of advance, it will be well defended with dug in positions and minefields and aerial reconnaissance indicates the Bolsheviks have reserves ready to counter attack.

After unsuccessfully calling down artillery fire on the Soviet positions the reserves are bought up to begin the assault hopefully communications will be restored and the Soviet bought under fire before it goes in.

Anti- aircraft support is deployed in the event that the VVS make an appearance.

Soviet infantry dug in await the German onslaught.

A Soviet foot patrol occupies the pig farm.

The German reconnaissance Sdkfz233 probes the village infantry follow up behind in support 

Soviet reinforcements start to arrive and send a T70 to support the foot patrol at the farm

A short dual with the 233 ends with its demise

The FHQ unit moves up in an effort to get the tardy assault going.

An aircraft attack chit is drawn and surprisingly Herman's boys arrive, a Stuka! Now the Bolsheviks can look out 

Hey the green ones are the enemy! A wild miss sees the bombs fall in amongst the German Panzer IIIs!

Oh Noooo! A direct hit sees a Panzer III destroyed.

Turn ten and despite heavy losses the German morale was still holding, 6 Battle Rating points remaining from the 26 total (some low value and special effect chit draws) with only one remaining Panzer III and an infantry squad remaining and the Soviets being 7 BR from being broken the German battlegroup leader had no choice but to call off the attack.

The rules once again delivered a fine game with a result akin to the Germans attacking similar Soviet positions in the Kursk salient during Citadel.

Until next time..........