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Tuesday 25 August 2020

Of Generals And Heroes

 Now in the Neil Thomas Ancient and Medieval rules one doesn't need these, indeed the C in C is not represented on the table (although we have added these in, see AMW Rule Additions in the side bar). Now on the other hand in To The Strongest they are required and indeed are desirable, so with these in mind I have added more leader types to the collection in recent days. I have also done another base of warriors to deepen another base.

Below added to another base.

Next the generals and/or heroes.

Hopefully these will hit the table for a game of To The Strongest  next month.


Friday 14 August 2020

Equites Singulares And........

 A few more hairy barbarian types to deepen the warbands or make extra units of course (cheapskate)

First up the Equites Singulares, all A and a Miniatures with LBMS shield transfers on a base from Warbases.

Next the Goths, a mixture of Footsore Miniatures, Gripping Beast and Foundry Casting Room figures on a Charlie Foxtrot MDF base.

Here together with a base I did earlier.

TTFN, keep safe and KBO.

Monday 10 August 2020

El Puente Revista

 Having decided the next game here would be a Spanish Civil War action I then thought I would like to see a river on the table again. With impeccable timing Norm ( ) came along with a blog post of a scenario he had used for an American Civil War game to try out the Perry's Firepower rules that come with their Battle In a Box set. So I have unashamedly stolen it for this game, because I was playing the game across the length of the table and it was to be an all infantry game with the maximum move of 10" we increased the turns to nine with the die roll deciding an additional turn.

We used the Battlegroup rules mechanisms with the number of orders being decided on a D6 roll plus one for the platoon leader, the result would equal the number of Bolt Action order dice would be put in the bag to decide who acted during the turn.


The Nationalist force would enter the table left of the picture and the Republicans the right, although initial units on the table and orders were sparse for both sides they quickly got men on the river bank to thwart any crossing attempts.

Being nearer to the bridge the Nationalists were soon sending troops running down the road to claim the bridge, unfortunately orders were not sufficient to get support up in time and the squad on the bridge immediately fell victim to accurate fire from the Republicans on the opposite side.


We broke for lunch on turn four with the game looking to being a draw, the Nationalists unable to take the advantage of being nearer the bridge and the Republicans unable to capitalise on it, however the Nationalists had taken a fair amount of casualties whereas the Republicans had taken none.

By turn eight the situation had not really changed but with the unpredictability of the orders roll and subsequent dice draw things could still turn for either side. It was however not to be, turn nine saw both sides units either pinned or too far away to gain control of the bridge. An honourable draw was declared.

A most enjoyable game and a great scenario, many thanks Norm.

Off to GHQ next week for some revolutionary action in Italy.

TTFN, keep safe and KBO

Wednesday 5 August 2020

Slow Progress

Very slow in fact, just an additional base of archers for the Goth horde.

Foundry Casting Room - archer in mail shirt and dead Jim.
Footsore Miniatures for the remainder.
I have also made my Paraguayan unit for the War of the Triple Alliance up to six bases, pointless taking a picture as the all look the same.

Instead here are some pics of a recently completed commission for some rather fine late 17th mounted officers and ensigns from Front Rank.