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Tuesday 30 April 2024


I was unable to host the planned 1940 game today due to a hospital appointment coming through. On the plus side I have been able to complete more transport and a Flak36 for the Germans and with the hospital being near Wolverhampton and at 10am, Dave kindly organized a small French Indian Wars game over at GHQ (look out for a report from Tales From GHQ in due course) so I could swing by afterwards.
I have also started to repaint my Fat Frank roads to blend in with my bases a little better.
Now the transport pictures, first a Horch. Kfz15  for the Schutzen Platoon HQ. Car is from Millicast and the crew are AB Figures.

Next a Krupp Kdkfz.69 to tow the Pak36, an old Matchbox kit a kind gift from Matt Bickley.
Next a Sdkfz7.10 to tow the infantry gun (when I paint it) An old Skytrex model I have repainted in Dunkelgrau.
Lastly the Flak36 88, another gift from Matt with Simon's Soldiers and AB Figures (officer) crew.
Bases as always from Warbases.
Pending anymore appointments these should be on the table for the rearranged game next week.

Wednesday 24 April 2024

Opel Blitz Kreig

Transport for my German 1940 Schutzen platoon squads.
Ready to Roll resin vehicles, from here
Coming up next a Horch Kfz15 for the platoon HQ and a Krupp Kfz. 69 to tow the Pak36 featured in the previous post.
Hopefully these will hit the table here in OHQ a week on Tuesday.

Friday 19 April 2024

1940 Project Additions

I have finished off the platoon HQs and anti-tank gun support teams for both sides this week. All being well they will hit the table for the next game here in OHQ a week in Tuesday.
A Zveda Pak36 with Simon's Soldiers crew (available from Wargaming Miniatures in the UK)
German platoon HQ, AB Figures with a lone Simon's Soldiers figure in the middle of the back row.
Early War Miniatures 2pdr anti-tank gun with AB Figures crew.
British platoon HQ, AB figures.


Tuesday 16 April 2024

Way On Down South

Today saw us revisiting the War of the Triple Alliance again using Black Powder rules 
The Brazilian forces are marching to join up with their Argentine and Uruguan allies, the Paraguayan force as been tasked with heading off the Brazilian advance brigade before it can join up with it's allies thus splitting them in two. 
The game was set at our now standard twelve turns, there is an advanced Brazilian guard of two battalions and an attached mountain gun battery covering the possible advance of any Paraguayan incursion. The rest of the brigade will be required to pass an order test to join them after turn two, the allies will test to appear in turn five.
Time is obviously of the essence for the Paraguayans, unfortunately this does not seem to have been passed down to the brigade commanders or the ground is tough going. It is turn three before they get near to contact, which doesn't succeed to well both infantry and cavalry assaults are repulsed in swift order by determined Brazilian resistance. By turn eight the allies had arrived in force and one of the Paraguayan brigades was broken, the attack was called off.
Although Dave had a sound plan the dice gods yet again deserted him this day.


Sunday 14 April 2024

Colour Continues

Not much of my own stuff leaving the bench at the moment although I have managed to finish the Byzantine cavalry unit I started last month.
Aventine Miniatures figures, banner and shields,  except the standard bearers which I painted, are LBMS, base as ever from Warbases.
Excuse some of the blurry photos my phone seems unable to focus up close properly at the moment.
All being well we will be revisiting South America here at OHQ on Tuesday with a War of the Triple Alliance game using BP2.


Wednesday 3 April 2024


No folks I have not gone over to the Dark Side with Star Wars Legion. It's a command base for the Italian Wars collection, the commander is a Steel Fist figure painted in natty guilded armour. I did contemplate giving him a banner but I didn't want to overshadow his ostentatious plumage. His drummer is from the Assault Group, base from Warbases as ever.
I am currently working on the next base of Byzantine cavalry, progress as been somewhat curtailed having being struck down with man flu.
Feeling a tad chipper today, so I will see if I can hold the brush steady and continue.