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Monday 26 July 2021

Short And Sharp

 Dave tootled over to OHQ today for our scheduled First Carlist War game. The Carlist forces are in retreat with the Christino forces in hot pursuit. To enable the bulk of the army to reach the safety of their fortified lines the Carlists have formed a blocking line between the Rawnsla stables on the left and the boggy ground on their right.

Carlist Volunteers Hold The Stable Block

Carlist Skirmishers Cover The Boggy Ground

Not wanting the retreating Carlists to reach the fortified lines the Christino's (Dave) decided on an all out attack, an excellent command roll sent the Spanish brigade surging forward into close musket range of the opposing battalions causing some disorder in the Carlist ranks.

 The British Auxiliary Legion on their right did like wise, although constrained by a narrower frontage.

The Royal Marine Rocket Troop were quick to deploy also, attaining a direct hit on the hapless Carlist artillery the adjacent battalions were fortunately unperturbed by this. The whole Carlist line withstood the first onslaught causing disorder in the Christino ranks in return, not wanting to enter into a firefight the Christino infantry charged home.

Eventually the Carlists got the better of the various melees but danger reared its head when the Christino line cavalry seeing a gap charged the exposed infantry although they formed square they were not resolute enough and were broken, this in turn however left the Christino cavalry exposed in danger from Carlist cavalry on both flanks so they were compelled to withdraw. While this was going on the Christino infantry on the left broke which also broke the brigade, the Christino forces had to withdraw, the Carlist blocking force had done its job, lady luck was with them this day.


Friday 23 July 2021

Little And Large

 A couple of additions to my World War Two collections, first up an Emhar Models YAK3 in 1/72nd scale.

Its not very often that planes appear in my Battlegroup games but I like planes so I am adding to the collection for when they do.

Second is a Rubicon Models Sherman Mk. III for my 28mm late war British collection.

Next game here at OHQ is scheduled for Monday, a First Carlist War game using Black Powder rules.


Monday 19 July 2021

A Culvert To Far.

 Matt joined me via Zoom yesterday evening for a game of Bolt Action, I set up a table for the Hold Until Relieved scenario in the rule book.

By turn three it was beginning to look all in for the Germans, turn four onward saw a turnaround in their fortune with the objective changing hands several times. The Germans however were running out of men if they could just last until turn six and no turn seven they would eek out a draw, however a turn seven it was which saw the demise of the Germans has a fighting force. Tenacious counter attacks by the British secured the win for Matt.
Unfortunately in the heat of battle and the evening I neglected to take photos, I think Matt will be putting a post up with his view of the battle and some screen shots at some point.
The Debut Of My Empress Miniatures PAK40, Which After Two Failed Attempts Managed To Immobilise The British Cromwell Before Being Wiped Out By A 3" Mortar Stonk
The Heroes Of The Hour, The British Platoon HQ Secure The Culvert.

Off to Pendewar tomorrow for some shenanigans in India, until next time keep safe it is not over yet.



Thursday 15 July 2021

Big Stuff

 Some rather splendid Front Rank Figurines 40mm American War of Independence figures painted on commission.

Now it's on with something a tad smaller 20mm World War Two figures, Adler Miniatures.


Monday 12 July 2021

Slaughter At Sogga's End

 Once again battle for the control of Britannia has broken out, the forces of Penda Fudd were marching forth hoping to catch the British short, the British had deployed to meet them in the gap at Sogga's End and the Dark Woods. Could they hold back the Saxon horde until the arrival of Arturous and his knights and could they save the day when they did?

The Levy Are Sorely Pressed

Some Of Arturous's Knights Gallop Over The Causeway

They Are Immediately Assailed By A Saxon Warband

The Melee In The Centre Continues Unabated But The Saxons Are Starting To Get The Upper Hand

On The Opposite Flank The Rest Of The Knights Arrive, These Too Are Assailed By Saxons Lurking Unseen In The Dark Wood 

Alas after two hours of fierce fighting only Artorous's knights are still on the field compelling them to break off and concede the field to Fudd's Saxon horde. Both sides suffered heavy loss, Penda will regroup, reinforce and continue another day.

They left behind them, corpses for the dark black coated raven, horny beaked to enjoy, and for the eagle, white backed and dun coated, the greedy war hawk and that grey wild beast, the forest wolf.

From "A Choice Of Anglo-Saxon Verse" Edited By Richard Hamer


Thursday 8 July 2021


 Painted up these fine late war mortar crews from Empress Miniatures.

Hope to get them in action soon. I have also assembled a Sherman for the British.


Monday 5 July 2021

Bikkelheim Kirche

 I have been trawling EBay off and on recently for a suitable church for my fictional town of Bikkelheim, at last one appeared that was just the style I have been on the look out for. It was not in the best state of repair but at £9 inclusive of postage at the asking price with one bid I would have been a fool not to go for it and I am pleased to say I got it.

It came while I was away in Devon so on my return I duly set too and deconstructed it, making good missing or damaged parts and glazing the stainless glass inserts, laminating. I could not understand why one of the clock faces was showing a different time, on inspection it transpired that the twelve was glued on at the three position! It looked a little too toytown for my liking anyway so I ripped them off and added new ones printed off via the web, I also downloaded a couple of murals for the outside wall.

Here it is below with the other completed buildings to date together with the last two transports Dave kindly gave me, finally repainted.

Before we went away Dave asked if I could make some marsh/swamp/boggy ground pieces to drop on the table, while I was on I made a couple for myself.

While I was having a coffee break the weekend I thought I would tot up what I done hobby wise for the first six months and was surprised how much I had completed, not much in the scheme of things but I was convinced I had not done even that much.

137 figures, 5 buildings, 3 guns, 7 vehicles and 1 plane together with repaints on the three transports off Dave and a couple of my own tanks.

Yesterday I played an AWI game via Zoom hosted by Matt using Rebels and Patriots and today over at GHQ an ECW game using Dave's own rules, A Crowning Mercy. I am of course far to modest to say how I faired in both games. Do look out for reports from my genial hosts at Tales from GHQ and Wargames in the Dungeon in due course, links will appear in the sidebar when posted.

That's all for now folks, off to finish the delightful British and German mortar teams recently released by Empress Miniatures