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Friday 28 April 2023

Panzer Parade

I have completed the work in progress posted earlier, first up some Detroit steel. Two M5 light tanks to go with one I did earlier to make up a light tank platoon.
Next some Krupp steel a Panther ausf D
Not strictly panzers but they carry Panzergrenadiers two 251 half tracks.
Finally some Urals steel, two SU100s.
All spray painted with a mixture of AK and Mig Ammo paints and weathering stuff.
Until next time....

Tuesday 25 April 2023

Into The Reich.

Today's game, 1945 the US forces have entered the Reich, resistance in the local area has all but collapsed, the Rat Race or swanning to the British is on. However the Germans in this area intend to fight. The lead reconnaissance M8 has been ambushed hit and destroyed, the war was back on!
Surprised by the sudden resistance US coordination is found wanting, luckily the German reinforcements are tardy in their approach. This gives time for the US force to spread out and attack on a wide front.
Awaiting them are the local Volksturm who knock out the lead M3.
The US reply with HE and MG fire wiping out the Volksturm and their antiquated Russian field gun and pinning the troops in the trench 
 Just as the trench is cleared German reinforcements finally start to arrive.
The Jagdpanzer IV is heavily outnumbered but makes it's mark pinning the Pershing only to be taken out by one of the Sherman's.
The other Volksturm squad in their foxholes give a good account of themselves throughout the action passing three beyond the call of duty tests and still manning their position when the defence finally crumbled.
Support is in hand with the arrival of Volksgrenadiers and their PAK40 pinning and then destroying the advancing Sherman.
In the centre a plucky Volksturm panzerschrek team takes down another Sherman.
A surprising turn up by one of Herman's boys may yet turn the tide.
This did not help the arriving Panzer IV which was swiftly taken out.
DPs file passed a burning M3
The arriving Volksgrenadiers are met with concentrated fire as they advance and as casualties mount they are forced to withdraw.
A cracking game lasting eight turns with ups and downs for both sides along the way.

We are off to sunny Espana 1937 for next week's game, until then......

Wednesday 19 April 2023

I Think.......

I am addicted to steel, work in progress
Two Armourfast SU100s
A Panther ausf D by Zvelda
Two 251 half-tracks from Plastic Soldier Company
Two M5 "Stuarts" again from Plastic Soldier Company.
Awaiting delivery of gloss varnish to be applied prior to decal application and weathering.

I have a WWII game scheduled here next Tuesday which will see a US armoured infantry platoon advancing into the Reich in 1945.


Monday 17 April 2023

Interim Colour

Wargames Foundry mounted Normans sculpted by Matt Bickley, painted it up for his old man's collection. 
You can follow Dave's 1066 expansion and rebasing here
For now........

Saturday 15 April 2023

Yet More Drab But......

Fear not some colour is in the horizon, but first here is the final squad for my Volksgrenadier platoon. All figures by AB Miniatures.
The LMG team.
The rifle team.
Finally another propaganda film crew painted up for mid/late war recordings of hoped for victories.
 Now a glimpse of the incoming colour, inspired by our recent game(s) more figures for my Florentines.
Until next time......

Monday 10 April 2023

Back To Drab

First up the start of a Waffen-SS platoon for Wacht am Rhine and Spring Awakening games.
LMG team.
Rifle team.
Figures from Plana Mayor.
Next a medium mortar team for my late war US collection.
AB Figures from Eureka UK.
Finally while in miniature painter mode a 20th century equivalent for my 1940 project. A German propaganda film team.
Figures from the now defunct Drew's Militia/Battlefield Miniatures range, Andrews current work can be obtained from Plana Mayor and Simon's Soldiers ranges.
Off for a replay of our curtailed Italian Wars game at GHQ tomorrow.

Wednesday 5 April 2023

Early Byzantine Psiloi

In Hail Caesar terms a small unit of Psiloi, Aventine Miniatures figures with the officers shield a LBMS transfer.
The Morecambe and Wise shot🙂
I was reminded by Dave's post that I had this fella from Wargames Foundry part finished so I set too and got him finished.
No I didn't paint the scene from Uccello's Battle of San Romano, sourced on the web and resized to fit. 
Back to Italy next week to resume the curtailed Italian Wars game.

Monday 3 April 2023

Hedgfud 510CE

In the year of our Lord 510 a great battle took place near the settlement we now know as Hedgfud. Here an army raised from the native and Roman peoples by Baldinus the Bold met and defeated the army of the Saxon settlers led by the Great Pendafudd.
All was quiet as dawn breaks on the outskirts of the settlement.
The quiet was shattered by the arrival of the army of Baldinus.
Soon after the army of Pendafudd arrived to give battle.
There was much posturing with both sides hurling challenges, insults, sling shot, arrows and bolts.
Eventually battle was joined, much blood was shed on both sides with each side both gaining and losing advantage over the other.
Then disaster struck, the mighty Pendafudd was slain while valiantly fighting along side his warband. Some say this signalled the rout of the entire army others that the remaining warbands fought on until all were slain.
Brother Rawnslie, chronicler.
Baldinus surveys the field of battle, knowing that this will not be the last as more and more settlers arrive each month and vie for land.

The battle was reenacted using Hail Caesar rules with figures from Footsore Miniatures, Gripping Beast and Wargames Foundry.