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Thursday 21 March 2024

Even Less Quiet

On the Western Front, following on from the previous game the British have continued their advance. Their objective is to take and nullify the German observation bunker on Church Hill.

For this game I used modified WW2 rules from Neil Thomas's 'Introduction to Wargaming' some of my own ideas and bits from Mark Pipers adaptations for Rapid Fire.
The British mass for the assault, they would not know the extent of the damage to the German wire until they got to it. They had support of a Whippet tank, off table artillery and in table mortar and heavy machine guns.
The Germans had taken cover from the British bombardment in their dugouts and the crypt of the church.
The German off table artillery support had been nullified by British counter battery fire do had to rely on their trench mortar and heavy machine guns for support.
Their ammunition must have been of variable quality as they did not cause much of a problem to the British infantry advance, they did however stop the Whippet in its tracks.
Bolstered by their artillery, mortar and heavy machine gun fire the British advance continued undaunted.
Aided by a gap in wire created by the bombardment in the centre and a gap by the Whippet on the left.
The German return fire was sporadic the British fire support keeping them pinned down consistently.
The German spotters were subsequently rendered hors de combat and the mortar had to rely on runners to direct their fire further nullifying their effect in the advancing British.
The granatenwerfer provided some extra support but not enough to stem the British advance. Two German companies were eliminated, despite the casualties the British had three times as many men to mop up the remaining German company. The battalion commander ordered a withdrawal, 
the British advance continues.
The rules worked pretty well we thought, the game unfolded pretty much the same as the previous game using Bolt Action. I will probably stick with Bolt Action for future games until the release of Dave Stone's 'Zero Hour' later this year.
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    1. Thank you for the encouragement and continued support Jonathan.

  2. A lovely game to play in, such exquisite figures and terrain. Almost a shame to kill all those Huns...almost!

  3. That looks great and I think the WWII rules in his 'introduction' book are surprisingly good for their length and would have been a better choice for his One Hour Wargame set.

    1. Thank you Norm, they worked really well. Probably could have played without any add ones equally as well.

  4. Beautiful work Phil love the terrain 👍

  5. I do love this collection and the terrain looks great!

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    1. Thank you Christopher. I like what you have been doing in the re-basing front, it appears to be a thing recently.

  7. An absorbing set of photos and a clear narrative. Thanks.
    I was interested in what you had done with the ruined church as it looks so different to mine - part of that difference is the way you've based it. It's always inspiring to get new ideas.

  8. Thank Stephen most kind, always pleased to hear my posts inspire folk.

  9. A splendid looking game Phil…
    With the correct result…. 😁

    All the best. Aly

    1. Thank you Aly. Not sure I agree on the result as I came second😁

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    1. Thank you, your comment is much appreciated.

  11. Great stuff. I love the church crypt, that's surely a piece of terrain originally bought for a non-historical game!

  12. Thank you Mark. Indeed it was from Ainsty Castings

  13. Splended looking game there Phil... a feast of excellence to behold!