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Sunday 21 August 2016

Partizan II - Part The First

Dave and myself set off early this morning for the second show at Partizan's new home, full of anticipation after the May event, and we were not to be to be let down. Another superb show, although it did get a tad unbearably warm at times, never satisfied are we : -)
All in all a truly grand day out, chatting with chums and like minded enthusiasts, collecting pre-orders and buying those little extras we all "need" and of course viewing the tremendous games put on by individuals and clubs.
Here are a few that either caught my eye or which I have an interest in, lots more that I did not take pics of but were all worthy.
One game I did want to take pics of this time around was James Morris's outstanding Verdun game, a great advert on how it should be done, the attention to detail is superb. A fitting tribute to the brave men of both sides who fought and also those that paid the ultimate price there.

Bramley Barn Wargames Group - Bagamoyo 1916

Simon Miller's - Raphia 217 BCE

North Hull Wargames - Italy 1859

Forest Outlaws - British Breakthrough 1916
League Of Gentlemen Anti-Alchemists - Russian Civil War

Very British Parlour Forum - Canal Commandos 1938 
To be continued........................................................


  1. Thank you very much Phil for sharing the pictures, greate inspiration !

  2. You are most welcome, the games were very inspiring indeed. Has are yours too.

  3. That was brisk! Nice pics, great day out, my thoughts tonight I hope. See you in an hour or so!

  4. I can be sometimes :-)

    Look forward to seeing your take on the show.

    See you soon at Petit Rawnslie for some Great War derring do.