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Friday 21 February 2014

Cards and Jaegers

I have completed my jaeger battalion for our 1914 games, all Great War Miniatures figures mounted on 50mm x 40mm bases and the MG on a 50mm x 60mm base, all from Warbases.

No game again this week, Dave is still laid up with real flu. I thought that I should at least do something game related. Readers will no doubt be aware that for some of our late Great War games we use a Bolt Action/Through the Mud and the Blood hybrid, for some of these games we add a dice to the pot and when it is drawn deal an event card. I usually use the TMB cards for this and thought it high time I made some specially, so with an image off the the net for the back face I set about getting them printed out. Cards range from the End of Turn card, low ammo, air support through to armoured vehicle breakdown to name but a few, most are specific to one side or the other, negative effect cards are played on the opponent though just to make things a bit meaner.

Just a brief entry again, back to paint desk now.



  1. Fine Jaegers! Super cards! I'll peruse them when I'm well!

  2. Beautiful figures! Thanks for sharing.