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Thursday 6 February 2014


Had a grand time up in Yorkshire last weekend. got a bit wet on the way up on Friday when we stopped off to visit the forthcoming city of culture, Kingston Upon Hull, would like to have spent a little longer there but has I have already said it twas a tad damp. Then it was off to North Dalton to our cottage, next day we went over to Bridlington, cold but at least it was dry. Later we drove down to Hornsea for lunch/dinner, afterwards it was back to the cottage to light up t' fire and get warm. Sunday and it was off to Vappa, dropping the good ladies off in York on the way. We got to show around 11.30, having driven in  through the exit, oops! The place was heaving when we arrived thinning out a lot after lunch, which is becoming the norm for shows this day it seems, I collected my copy of Donnybrook off Barry and my bespoke bases from the great chaps at Warbases, apart from these items I got a box of PSC T70's for £10 of GB & SD Hobbies and an armoured truck, a type 10 I believe for my Spanish Civil War anarchists from Empress Miniatures. Besides a great range of traders there were some really nice games on show, a selection of pictures are below
League Of Augsberg's Darien Adventure Game, Showcasing The New Donnybrook Ruleset

Lance And Longbow Society, Cravant, 100 Years War Battle 

The Bunkers War Of The Worlds Game, Visit for info on what they have to offer.

League Of Extraordinary Kriegspielers, Wake Island 192?

North Hull's  Early World War One Game


  1. Goodly report Phil. You have some great pics of the Donnybrook games which I didn't manage to find the time to get around to doing. Sadly I missed a few great games due to lack of time/obsessive shopping!


  2. Photos turned out well, Phil! I enjoyed the weekend as well. Glad you had your fire fix as well!

  3. Great pics Phil, thanks for sharing!