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Tuesday 30 December 2014

Last Game And Defeat Of 2014

Popped over to GHQ as planned yesterday for the final game of the year, we had not decided on a particular game, we would decide on the day depending on how we felt. We decided to wheel out the forces of Pompous Maximus and Baldinus for a final time in 2014, we would be using Neil Thomas's Ancient And Medieval rules. Both sides would have eight units, Pompous (Dave) would be attacking the forces of Baldinus (Me) positioned at the crossroads through the Thingswill Pass.
The Initial Set Up Positions

We decided that the game would last for twelve turns, with this in mind Pompous ordered an immediate advance, whilst Baldinus just manoeuvred his force to best meet the advancing enemy. The usual missile exchange took place with things fairly even, although I did many casualties I could not do enough to seriously diminish the advancing enemy, luckily I was able to save many casualties. My initial dice rolls were spectacular but would not last, where has Dave's although not as spectacular were more consistent, this would finally tell. At turn ten it was clear that Pompous would win the day, another defeat for the would be pretender.
The Battle Is Lost

   With a couple of hours to go before I had to pick the better half up from work to join Dave and Sue for dinner, a rather delicious steak and ale casserole made by Sue, we decided to have a Wings of War game. Now these are usually all over within an hour but this one took one and a quarter, was it expert flying, really crap flying or just good luck? Whichever yours truly was to come second again, lets hope I can do better in our first game of 2015 next Monday, a late Great War game using modified Bolt Action rules. 

I have posted pics of the truck featured in my previous post over on the dedicated blog True To The East, click the link if you are interested.

All that remains is to wish all my followers, regular and random visitors a very happy and prosperous New Year, and may the dice gods favour you in 2015.



  1. Kind of you to mention the day in such glowing terms! I thoroughly enjoyed it myself! Roll on Monday's game!

    1. Just telling it how it is, superb day out. Back to the old paint desk now though. Don't forget Penkridge Sunday though.