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Monday 22 December 2014

First Carlist War, Last Game of 2014

Dave popped over today for our last game at OHQ for 2014, I chose to do a First Carlist War game, inspired by a recent conversation with Saxon Dog I have started another two units for my project and I thought this would keep the momentum going.
We would be using my slightly modified Neil Thomas 19th century rules and a scenario from the same authors "One Hour Wargames" book.
The Carlists had discovered a river crossing, their objective was to seize the crossing and prevent the Isabelino's from sealing it, to do this no Isabelino unit could be within 12" of the bridge at the end of the designated number of turns.

Both sides would have six units determined by the tables provided, the Carlists would start with one unit within 6" of the bridge on the right hand side of the river in the above picture, in subsequent turns they would get get additional units entering from the road at the bottom left of the picture. The Isabelino units would enter in designated turns, dicing to see at which point they would appear, this could be at the road on the right of the picture, the hill at the bottom right or at the line of bushes at the top of the picture. The first Isabelino unit, artillery appeared at the top, just right to enfilade any Carlist unit facing the road to the right, the rest of the Isabelino's entered at the road, the worst possible place for the Carlist cause, as this enabled the Isabelino units to advance quickly and bottle the Carlists in at the bridge. This made them unable to bring mass musket fire to bear has they they had to cross the bridge piecemeal, this left the Carlists on the back foot for the majority of the game. By the time they made headway it was to late to fulfil the objective before the last turn, it was a hard fought and really enjoyable game nonetheless. Below are some pics and captions from the game, a well deserved victory for Don David and the Isabelino cause.
The Carlists Are Hemmed In

A Carlist Unit Forms Column And Bravely Advances Towards The Isabelino Artillery, Unaware Of The Lurking Isabelino Cavalry

Isabelino Cavalry Lie In Wait

The Carlist Infantry With Nowhere To Go Are obliged to Form Square
The final game of 2014 at GHQ will, all things being well, take place next Monday. I will post pics of the Carlist War figures I am working on before the year end.



  1. A grand scenario I thought. My bold attacking plan certainly helped my cause I think. The artillery did sterling work for the cause, so unlike my usual efforts with the arm! Keep painting for the new units!!!

  2. A most enjoyable game and a sterling win, just returned from sick bay too.