Thursday, 27 January 2022

Iron Cross Solo

 I was unable to go over to GHQ for our weekly game this week due to a family illness rather than miss a game, although I did have a game via Zoom put on by Matt (Wargames in the Dungeon) on Sunday, I decided to play a solo WWII game.

Dave has a copy of Great Escape Games "Seven Days to the Rhine" which we may use when Dave has his cold war gone hot project up and running, as they are based off the same companies Iron Cross set I dug my copy out to use for a WWII game to get reacquainted with the rules mechanisms.

I had recently been watching Keith Williamsons Iron Cross videos on YouTube (Creaky Gamers Historical) he had a solo game using an AI chart he devised which I used to determine the actions of the German force. If you want to know more about how the rules work check out Keith's channel, he also puts on a very nice table. 

The Germans would be attacking, well sort of the attack really never got going, some accurate and punishing firing from the British stopping it in its tracks and with it eventually routing three of the German squads with no loss to themselves, I decided that the Germans would call off the attack.

Some game shots follow

The British are denoted by the yellow tokens, the Germans the red tokens.

The Germans advance through the cover of the woods

The British lie in wait

The Stug awaits the advance of the supporting infantry

However they appear to be going in the wrong direction!

I have finished the Triple Alliance casualty vignette so I will endeavour to take some photos of the collection so far over the weekend for a grand parade next week.


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